Mirror dates 2022: magic numbers that will bring good luck

Mirror dates 2022: magic numbers that will bring good luck


In 2022, several magical mirror dates await us, among which there will be real days of power that can change our lives for the better. Numerologists have revealed the secrets of mirror numbers in 2022 so that everyone can perform light rituals for good luck. 

We at Joy-pup have made sure that the magic of numbers, as well as belief in the energy of the mirror date, works. Therefore, we armed ourselves with the recommendations of a numerologist and are ready to tell you what mirror dates await us in 2022.

The magic of the number 2022: what does the year of “three twos” have in store for us?

2022 – Year of the Black Water Tiger according to the Eastern calendar. The “predatory” and slightly explosive nature of the Tiger, who acts as the patron of 2022, will “extinguish” and slightly soothe the “deuce”. Or rather, the three “twos” present in the combination of 2022.

Number 2 symbolizes balance and calmness. The “duality” present in the number 2022 speaks of harmony, and “zero” contributes to the positive energy of this combination of numbers.

At the same time, in 2022, people will often face a choice: both at work and in their personal life. Fluctuations, lack of stability and frequent conflicts – such unflattering “surprises” can await us throughout 2022.

Mirror dates 2022: magic numbers that will bring good luck 1

But there is good news: the total sum of the numbers combined in 2022 is 6. In numerology, the “six” is responsible for humanity, family values ​​and hard work. 2022 will bring good luck to those who care for their loved ones, are not afraid of work and believe in themselves.

Mirror dates 2022: how to work with the energy of mirrored numbers

During mirror dates, you can perform rituals to attract good luck, seek support from higher powers and make a wish. What and on which day is best to do, read on.

 01.01.2022. The first mirror date of the year has a special energy – the beginning. The “blank slate” with which you start 2022 will become a symbol of novelty, fresh ideas and plans for the coming year. Expand your wish card and dream a little about the future. 

02.02.2022. This day for many will be a good start in their work. Your suggestions and projects will receive approval and praise from senior management. If you are a self-employed entrepreneur, the date 02.02.2022 will be positive for the implementation of your business ideas.

02/12/2022. Another magical date awaits us in February – 02/12/22. This day will be filled with the energy of romance and love. An excellent and very auspicious date for a wedding in 2022.

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02.22.2022. The most powerful mirror date of 2022 and of the entire century. Five “twos” keep you active and creative. The combination of 02.22.22 is the number of creation, luck and inspiration for new things. On this day, it is useful to conduct spiritual practices, meditate and make a cherished wish.

03.03.2022. The mirrored dates of 2022 are joined by the day of March 3. This number will be supportive for those looking for their soul mate. Take a look around – finally happiness is very close.

04/04/2022. This date can be called the “day of the golden mean”. Try to spend time in harmony with yourself and with the people around you. To date 04.04.22. was productive for you, do a good deed today or do charity work. 

05.05.2022. May mirror date 05.05.22 is the best day for communication with friends. The best practice for you will be the time spent with loved ones, loved ones with whom you share common values ​​and goals.

06.06.2022. The mirrored June date is a day of strength for those involved in creative work. But even if you don’t paint or perform on stage, inspiration will still come to you. Rely on your intuition and you will find the answer to your question for a long time. You should be able to solve a long-standing problem.

Mirror dates 2022: magic numbers that will bring good luck 3

07.07.2022. “Seven”, as the dominant figure of this mirror date, will become your lucky talisman in the chart of destiny. Day 07.07.22. will be good for a wedding, for a first date or for a new romantic acquaintance. Spiritual practices carried out on this date are best directed towards opening the chakra of love and joy.

08.08.2022. Infinity, which “hides” in the number 8, is responsible for financial success and well-being. The resources spent that day will return to you doubly. So don’t be afraid to make big purchases on 08.08.22. – they will definitely be successful.

09.09.2022. On this magical date, you can radically change your destiny. Wait for good news 09.09.22: you will receive a nice offer or a long-awaited letter. If you have to make a choice on this day – think carefully about all the pros and cons.

10.10.2022. Power day 10.10.22. prepares good luck for those who will be brave and active. Today is a wonderful day for sports, breathing practices, body cleansing. If you decide to take care of your health, then October 10, 2022 will be the ideal date for the survey.

Mirror dates 2022: magic numbers that will bring good luck 4

11.11.2022. The unit at the head of the date 11.11.22. indicates decisiveness and categoricalness. If you have been planning an important meeting or life-changing conversation for a long time, schedule it for November 11, 2022. It is also good to start a new business on this day: your luck will be colossal. 

12.12.2022. This day will pass under the sign of equilibrium, since the sum of the first four digits of the mirror date 12.12.2022 is equal to the sum of the second. The day of harmony, love and attention to oneself – this is what characteristic can be given to the number 12.12.22. Take time for yourself and the universe will listen to your requests and desires. 

12/22/2022. The last mirrored date of 2022 is good for debriefing and introspection. What events and changes in 2022 have been successful for you? What planned have you managed to achieve over the past year? What plans never came true? Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them honestly.

We wish you more successful and prosperous dates in 2022. May the mirrored dates 2022 bring you happiness and change for the better. Read also the horoscope for 2022 for all signs of the zodiac. 

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