Best New Christmas Movies

Best New Christmas Movies


Do you want to cheer yourself up and bring the New Year’s miracle closer? Then you should watch one of the new films about the New Year, which have just been released. Our team has collected the best Christmas films: bright foreign novelties for adults and children. These films will cheer you up and make the holiday even closer. See our list and enjoy watching with us.

Falling For Christmas, 2022

Genre: romance, comedy

Best New Christmas Movies 1

2022 comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan. A spoiled heiress loses her memory in a skiing accident. She ends up in the care of a widower who owns a small house in the resort. And spend Christmas there.

Spirited, 2022

Genre: musical, comedy

Best New Christmas Movies 2

This film is a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. It tells the story of a miser who has four spirits appearing on Christmas Eve, but only they are funny.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, 2022

Genre: fantasy, comedy

Best New Christmas Movies 3

The short film was created especially for admirers of Marvel heroes. The Guardians of the Galaxy travel to Earth in search of the perfect gift for Peter.

A Boy Called Christmas, 2021

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Family

Best New Christmas Movies 2019, 2020, 2021 1

Father Nicholas from Finland went on an expedition to the Arctic in search of an elven village. But many years passed, and he did not return home. The boy misses his father very much and one day decides to go in search of him. On his journey to the country of Elfheim, he is accompanied by a deer and a mouse. On the way, he will meet new acquaintances with magical creatures, difficult trials and a secret that will soon be revealed to him.

The elusive scent of love / Love Hard, 2021

Genre: melodrama, comedy.

Best New Christmas Movies 2019, 2020, 2021 2

The writer Natalie has many unsuccessful novels, the details of which she detailed for an online column. Shortly before Christmas, the girl meets the boyfriend Josh in the app, who fascinated her so much that she decides to spend the Christmas holidays with him. Natalie flies across the country, but when he sees the guy live, he is shocked – he used other people’s photos and looks, to put it mildly, differently.

Father Christmas Is Back, 2021

Genre: Comedy

Best New Christmas Movies 2019, 2020, 2021 3

The four sisters with the speaking surname Christmas don’t get along. It started when their father left the family on Christmas Day. To restore family ties, one of the sisters, Caroline, decides to bring the whole family together for the Christmas holidays. But, having gathered together, the relatives begin to quarrel and conflict. The situation is aggravated by the unexpected arrival of his father with his young girlfriend, who for some reason decided to spend the holiday in a family abandoned by him.

Magic night / La noche mágica, 2020

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Family

Magic night, 2020

On Christmas Eve, the thief and swindler Nikola breaks in to the single mother Kira. But the meeting with the little daughter of a woman changes all his plans.

Twelve Days of Christmas, 2020

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Twelve Days of Christmas, 2020

Emmy and Steve return home for the winter break after their first semester of college. But instead of taking a break, they are confronted with unresolved feelings and an unplanned pregnancy.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, 2020

Genre: musical, fantasy, family

Mr. Jungle and the Christmas Journey (2020)

© Still from the movie: “Mr. Jungle and the Christmas Journey” (2020)

An excellent musical story of one toy man. Together with his granddaughter, he creates a magical invention. And with his help, Mr. Jungle will make an amazing journey.

Hunt for Santa / Fatman, 2020

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Comedy

Hunt for Santa, 2020

The little boy was offended by Santa for a bad present. Then he decides to take revenge on him and hires a hitman. But the boy does not even suspect that Santa is not so simple to kill and has many unusual skills.

Silent Tokyo, 2020

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Quiet Tokyo, 2020

On Christmas Eve, an unknown terrorist plants a bomb in central Tokyo. He demands negotiations with the prime minister, otherwise the whole city will collapse.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, 2019

Genre : Fantasy

IMDb Rating : 5.2

movie A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish

Lovely girl Kat Emerson could use a miracle on Christmas Eve. But she cannot fulfill her own desires, as she is forced to help her stepmother and stepsisters. Working part time in Santa Land, the girl meets a new Santa Claus – a guy named Nick. It is this acquaintance that will make her Christmas wishes come true.

This 2019 Christmas Foreign Movie will appeal to teenagers and those who believe in miracles.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt, 2019

Genre : Comedy, Hallmark Movie

IMDb Rating : 6.0

movie christmas treasure hunt

Belinda came to her hometown for the winter holidays. Here she is forced to take part in a Christmas quest, teaming up with her ex Dustin. The annual New Year’s hunt will bring many wonders.

This is a great 2019 Holmark Christmas movie for the whole family to watch.

Christmas Reservations, 2019

Genre : Romance

IMDb Rating : 6.3

 Still from the movie "Christmas Week" (2019)

Holly helps her father and works at his ski resort. The girl has not believed in love for a long time. But everything changes when her ex-lover Kevin comes to the resort. Now, long-standing feelings can flare up again and bring many vivid emotions.

A Sweet Christmas Romance, 2019

Genre : Romance

IMDb Rating : 6.8

 Still from the movie "Sweet Christmas Romance" (2019)

Holly, a young girl, works as a cook in a large American city. She makes delicious and incredibly beautiful dishes, coming up with bright decorations for them. Arriving in her hometown for Christmas, she learns about a competition at a local bakery. The girl is ready to prove her skills. But he unexpectedly runs into a culinary battle with local baker Brad.

A Christmas Miracle, 2019

Genre : Romance

IMDb Rating : 6.4

Still from the film "Christmas Miracle" (2019)

The boss steals Emma’s idea for a magazine cover. Then she, with the help of her son and the photographer of the magazine, sets out in search of a Christmas miracle. To prove that she can even the most incredible.

Another Hallmark movie that features a fairy tale story on Christmas Day.

Christmas ice cream / Christmas a la Mode, 2019

Genre : Romance

IMDb Rating : 6.7

Christmas ice cream

Emily is busy with her deceased father’s farm. Everything is very bad, she is on the verge of bankruptcy. But suddenly a man appears in her life, ready to solve all her problems. True, when a girl finds out why the guy became her assistant, she will be at a loss.

A great 2019 American Christmas movie that will make you believe in love.

A Christmas Carol, 2019

Genre : Fantasy, Drama

IMDb Rating : 6.7

a Christmas carol movie

Curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge only loves money. He is a cruel man who thinks about profit and wealth. But on Christmas Eve, he will have to face three spirits – past, present and future. They will show him his life and help change his attitude towards everything that happens in the world.

This new release is a mini-series in which the plot unfolds, as in the 2009 New Year’s film “A Christmas Carol”. This film was included in our rating of the best Christmas films .

Christmas for two / Last Christmas, 2019

Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy

IMDb Rating : 6.9

Christmas for two

Kate is a heavy drinker and works in a Christmas store. She has long ceased to worry about her own life. But everything changed after meeting the adorable and sweet Tom.

Klaus / Klaus, 2019

Genre : Cartoon, Family, Comedy, Adventure

IMDb Rating : 8.5

Still from the movie "Klaus" (2019)

The owner of the postal empire wants to teach his lazy son Jesper a lesson. He sends him to the far north, where the young man has to process more than 6,000 letters. But when Jesper arrives at the post office, he sees two family clans that are at war with each other. He will have to reconcile them for the sake of the New Year.

This great 2019 Netflix movie is great for kids and family watching.

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