Birth date numerology: find out your possibilities

Birth date numerology: find out your possibilities


Numerology is a science that reveals the relationship and influence of numbers in our lives. Through it, many people define things related to their personality, goals and other aspects of life. Your date of birth directly affects the formation of your personality and your path of destiny.

Birth date numerology: find out your possibilities 1

Date of birth calculation

On the day you are born, the vibration of the earth and the influence of the numbers of the day, month, and year combine to shape your character, personality traits, and path of destiny. We are shaped by numbers without even realizing it. Find out on Joy-pup how to calculate your birth date and see the characteristics of your birth date.

To perform the calculation and find out which number represents you in numerology from your date of birth, simply add up all the digits of your date of birth, day, month and year. You will get a two digit number. You will then need to add up the digits of that number until you get a number between 1 and 9, or 11 and 22, which are base numbers and should not decrease.

For example, if your date of birth is March 12 (3rd month) 1988, you would add 1+2+3+1+9+8+8=32. Then you must reduce this two-digit result by adding them together, i.e. 3+2=5. According to numerology, the number corresponding to your date of birth is 5. When your number is calculated, you will be able to see which personality type corresponds to you.

If the sum of the final calculation is 11 or 22, you must not add 1+1=2 or 2+2=4. These two numbers are special and do not need to be added together.

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Birth date numerology: find out your possibilities 2

Number 1 in date of birth

Born leaders who are usually looking for leadership positions. They are self-confident people with strong influence and very ambitious. You love innovation and versatility, and invest in professions that require leadership qualities, such as business management.

Number 2 in the date of birth

People whose date of birth is two are born diplomats, your best quality is the ability to live in harmony with everyone. The most recommended professions in politics and law.

Number 3 in the date of birth

You are quite creative, prone to originality and like to do things your own way. These people are pioneers and are always looking for something new. Do not like to depend on others, which makes you a rather independent person.

Number 4 in the date of birth

The number 4 corresponds to a person with empathy, a good friend, sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, able to listen and give advice. You are quite sensitive and sentimental, you can put yourself in the place of others and understand their feelings. They are also great companions and excellent team workers.

Number 5 in the date of birth

This is a person with a mobile mind and a lot of ideas, has a great sense of humor, is very sociable. They have excellent communication skills. Other characteristics of the Five are friendliness, kindness, and a taste for the joys of life.

Number 6 in date of birth

The six in the date of birth is values, loyalty, responsibility. These are people you can trust. You have a special gift for organization and management, which can make you quite stubborn.

Number 7 in the date of birth

Curious, sociable, addicted – this is how you can characterize the personality of a person with a seven in his date of birth. This number symbolizes freedom, adventure, travel, the search for novelty, restlessness. It belongs to a very sociable, versatile and resourceful person.

Number 8 in the date of birth

The number eight corresponds to an analytical, spiritual, conscious, idealistic and wise personality. Eights love to read and learn, they are not very sociable, as they prefer peace and quiet. The desire for introspection can sometimes lead them to isolation.

Number 9 in the date of birth

A person born under the number 9 tends to show an ambitious personality, willing to take on new challenges whenever opportunities arise, making the most of them. They are practical, objective, prone to cold analysis of people, not taking into account emotions. On the other hand, these are people who demand loyalty and can be jealous or self-centered.

Number 11 in the date of birth

The number 11 stands out for its ability to initiate and make decisions, although it can also correspond to an impulsive personality. These are constant, disciplined, honest people and quite independent. Your mind is rather cold and capable of bringing good plans and strategies.

Number 22 in the date of birth

The number 22 corresponds to a generous, compassionate and noble personality. These are people who can be very good friends who can be trusted. Disciplined, methodical and tireless workers who are valued in any job.

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