New problems for logical that not all can solve. Ready to test your IQ?

New problems for logical that not all can solve. Ready to test your IQ?


Are you one of those who waste each free minute on scrolling in social networks? To be honest, it’s not the best activity. Another thing is when this minute or two could be spent productively! has prepared some logic tasks that can be solved in just a few seconds, from 7 to 20. Ready for the challenge? Then go ahead!

You’ll be able to check the correct answers at the end!

Math puzzles

1. What number is encrypted?

What number is encrypted

2. How to order balls with numbers to get the number 30?

 problems for logical

3. Which number will be the last?

Replace the question mark with the number corresponding to the equations below. Find a pattern.

 problems for logical 2020

Visual training for the brain

4. Divide the image into four parts that would include all types of insects:

Visual training for the brain

5. What is the top-down view of the tower: A, B, C or D?

Visual training for the brain

6. How does a person standing at an orange spot and looking at a figure in that direction see the cubes?

training for the brain

7. Decide fast which fruit to add?


8. Watch carefully and guess who the thief is.

a monkey

Brain teasers

9. Make a life-or-death decision. There are three doors in the room without light. There’s a poisonous snake behind the first door, a hungry lion behind the second, and the electric chair for executions behind the third. Which door is the safest to open?


10. Logical riddle. Frank’s father has 5 sons. The names of his four sons are Fefe, Fifi, Fofo, Fufu. Accordingly, what is the name of his fifth son?


11. Well known riddle: on the way to St. Ives I saw a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 bags. There were 7 cats in each bag. Each cat had 7 kittens. So, how many of them, including kittens, cats, bags, and wives, were heading to St. Ives?


Logical tasks

12. How to measure 4 liters of water, if there are only 5-liter and 3-liter bottles?

new Logical tasks

13. How to make the number “4”, but do not break a single stick.


14. Which teapot has more tea?



1. Answer: 9.

2. Answer:
This task can’t be solved mathematically because the sum of three odd numbers can’t be an even number.

But your attention is important here. If you put the balls with the numbers 11 and 13, you’ll get 24. Then, if you put the ball with the number 9, but flip it, you’ll get 24 + 6 = 30.

3. Answer:
If we know that each number obtained is a power of number 4, we get:
41 = 4
42 = 16
43 = 64
44 = 256

4. Answer:


5. Answer:
If you look at the tower from above, the top layer will be orange. So the answer is definitely not C.
The second purple layer won’t be visible from above, because it is the same size as the top layer.
And the third layer will also not be visible, because it is smaller than the two upper layers.
The fourth layer will be next visible from above around the purple layer.
The last layer will be the largest, and it is orange. Accordingly, the answer will be A.

6. Answer:
Let’s go step by step. Obviously, there are 4 blocks below.
There is a block above the rightmost one. So the answer is definitely not C.
The tallest block consists of three blocks in height.
So the answer is D.

7. Answer:
Banana, Pear, Paprica

8. Answer:


9. Answer:
Choose the room with an electric chair. The executioner will most likely go to check why there is no light, and you can escape.

10. Answer:
If Frank’s father has 5 sons, and the names of 4 sons are the same as above, then Frank is already the 5th son.

11. Answer:
Just me.

12. Answer:
1) Pour a full container of 5 liters;


2) Pour water from it to fill the 3-liter bottle and we get the remainder of 2 liters;


3) Pour 3 liters away and only 2 liters of water remain;


4) Pour it into a 3-liter bottle;


5) Fill the 5-liter bottle again


6) Pour the missing 1 liter of water into a 3-liter container and get a balance of 4 liters!


13. Answer:


14. Answer:
In the first. You should look at the position of the spout.


Did you like the training? If so, then watch another cool selection of logical tasks in our video and train your brain to the full!

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