The craziest animal experiments ever

The craziest animal experiments ever


In 1997, Japanese scientists grew a human ear on the back of a mouse. Thus, they wanted to discover new sensational methods in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery. Tissue engineering is a growing area of ​​medical science, but when scientists succeed, a damaged or deformed ear can be grown and transplanted into a person.

The craziest animal experiments ever 1

As for the poor mouse, which was named “Vacanti mouse”, cartilage cells were transplanted into it. As a result, the ear grew, although it was disproportionate. This growth was later removed. Don’t worry, the mouse continued to live a “happy, normal life.”

The craziest animal experiments ever 2

Another shocking experiment was conducted by Soviet scientists. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was engaged in interspecific hybridization of animals. At some point, he came up with a super idea, and he used a grant from the Soviet government to create a hybrid of a human and a chimpanzee – “humanzee”. He first tried to impregnate chimpanzees with human seed. When none of that worked, he decided to try the other way around. Inseminate human females with chimpanzee cells.

The craziest animal experiments ever 3

Ivanov managed to find several women who were ready to bear a chimpanzee child, but they did not find a monkey suitable for maturity in the USSR. And later everything changed. I. Ivanov fell under the “purge” in 1932, was sent into exile, where he died of a heart attack.

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