To replace Megan Fox: Brian Austin Green has an affair with a sexy model

To replace Megan Fox: Brian Austin Green has an affair with a sexy model


It looks like a 46-year-old actor from the famous TV series “Beverly Hills 90210” didn’t grieve long after breaking up with Megan Fox. The other day, he was noticed in the company of the 25-year-old model Courtney Stodden.

Courtney Stodden Brian Austin Green

The couple was photographed near one of the mexican restaurants in Los Angeles, where Brian and Courtney stopped by for takeaway food. They both behaved like lovers. The model in a tight-fitting dress held a mask in her hand and smiled. The actor had a nice conversation with her, then opened the car door and waited for the girl to sit down.

Courtney Stodden Brian Austin Green
Courtney Stodden Brian Austin Green

Break up with Megan Fox – the end of a love story

In May 2020 the news broke that one of the strongest couples in Hollywood was breaking up. In one of his podcasts, Brian Austin Green announced a divorce after 10 years of marriage with Megan Fox. He admitted that the break up happened last year, and Megan herself was the initiator. The actress made the decision after shooting in the movie “Midnight in the Switchgrass”.

“While she was abroad and worked alone, she felt her own self. Megan said she would like to try something new for herself. I was shocked and upset, but I can’t blame her because it’s her choice, ”Green told the press.

Brian Austin Green Megan Fox

He also noted that the couple decided to part for some period of time. But nevertheless, a divorce was filed.

“We had an amazing relationship, I will always love her and I know that she will always love me. We had a cool and special family, ” the actor said.

The Hollywood couple has three children and plans to maintain friendly relations.

“Who knows, maybe this is the end of our story. There is still a whole life ahead. Now it’s time for us to go separate ways. Everything may return to normal, or it may not, ”the actor added.

New life – new affairs

After announcing the separation with Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox was credited with having an affair with rapper Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker). She starred in his video “Bloody Valentine”, where she behaves very relaxed. Brian denied rumors about the affair and said that Megan and Colson are just friends.

As for Courtney Stodden, she is also alone. In March, the model announced a breakup with actor Doug Hutchison, who is 34 years older than her. The couple began to live together when Courtney was 16 years old.

The woman admitted that in these relationships she was a victim who was trapped. She added that she would always love her ex-husband, but at the same time she would be mad at him.

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