10+ pets that felt so tired and could no longer be awake

10+ pets that felt so tired and could no longer be awake


No one would doubt that pets are very playful. So, they really like to play hide and seek. And when animals have fun, it’s impossible to look at them without tender emotion. But they can sometimes get tired.

Joy-pup.com has made a funny photo compilation of pets that were very tired and wanted to relax a little. Do you recognize your pets in them?

Tired of waiting for the dinner…

dog is sleeping
© sunspotshavefaded / reddit

«The pet got very tired after exploring it’s new house»

dog is sleeping
© nsk09003 / reddit

The lazybones is enjoying the ride

It’s so great to relax at home

the cat is sleeping
© PraiseSatsuki / reddit

Look, he’s so happy!

The best place to sleep!

the cat is resting
© P_U_K_E_K_O / reddit

The lazybones day

A puppy, that got tired of the walk

a dog
© imsquare177 / reddit

This pet likes sleeping!

a black dog
© amagg2013 / reddit

The cat got so tired, that it fell asleep right there

a cat
© iqahiab172 / reddit

When her arm is the best pillow

the cat sleeps on the mistress’s hand
© rodorgas / reddit

«My cat loves sleeping on the kitchen table»

the cat is sleeping on the table
© Kacper42PL / reddit
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