Strange cat behaviors that make us look at them from a new perspective


Is it possible to understand cats? We can state with confidence, that no! Because sometimes their behavior is completely different from what we imagine. team knows that nobody can ever get bored with cats. That’s why we offer you a funny selection of our pets’ photos, which will make you look at them from a new perspective.

«This is my little cat»

«Not sure what’s going on here»

© dshroyer9 / reddit

«I think, my cat is broken»

the cat is sleeping
© kirsty-ess / reddit

«One jump. She loves to be on top»

cat on the door
© Pjstjohn / reddit

«She thinks, there’s some treat in the sink»

cat on the door
© OwlStory / reddit

«The real old chonker»

cat in bowl
© spicysalsa30 / reddit

«My cat drinks water only from the sink and only the water, that runs off his head»

cat drinks water
© Schmoopy_Boo / reddit

«After the bag got off his head for the first time, he put his head back in it.»

cat in the package
© zippouix / reddit

«My cat found a god, he has been like this for more than 5 minutes, I’m scared»

the cat is standing and looking
© HamburgerUwU / reddit

«My cat Lilo popped open the crackers»

cat with crackers
© Parzival_Prime / reddit

«I’m sorry, meow»

cat hanging
© zardinez / reddit
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