10+ reasons to get a dog

10+ reasons to get a dog


They are funny, kind and always glad to see us… A lot of people can’t imagine their lives without a pet. And for those who are only thinking of getting a dog, our Joy Pup team prepared a range of photos proving that having a dog-pet is cool! 

It will share your happiness

husky smile
© xaski_2019 / Instagram
white dog
© zotovaprofi / Instagram

…or sadness

dogs are sad
© harliqueen_lilith / Instagram
dalmatian is sad
© laini_alartlain / Instagram

It will smile sweetly

smiley dog
© belle_style_life / Instagram
German Shepherd
© yuliya_sazhina / Instagram
smiley dog
© shiba_ichi_ / Instagram

(but this smile can look like this)

© sweet_dog_leo / Instagram

You will dress in the latest fashion together

dog with glasses
© terry_oldman / Instagram
dog scarf
© boweyes_cafe_dog / Instagram

And feel your mouth water in the sight of treats

© shiba_ichi_ / Instagram

You’ll have someone to yawn with

(they say that dogs look like their owners even when they yawn)

dalmatian yawns
© laini_alartlain / Instagram

Your dog can be as fluffy, soft and warm as your favorite toy

furry dog
© leo.toycavoodle / Instagram
dog and teddy bear
© pompom.comely / Instagram

You’ll have someone to dance with

dog is dancing
© poodle_maffin / Instagram

And what is more, you will wonder at what it’s doing and why

French Bulldog
© meshurfrenchbulldog / Instagram

You’ill definitely have fun with your pet!

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