Cats are famous man-eating animals

Cats are famous man-eating animals


Some representatives of big cats (lions, tigers, leopards) did not accidentally, but purposefully ate to humans.

Cats are famous cannibals 1

Lions-cannibals from Tsavo are in the lead. Two males in 1898 repeatedly attacked workers building a railway bridge across the Tsavo River in what is now Kenya. According to some estimates, lions killed 140 people, according to others – “only” 35. This figure appears because they studied the isotopic composition of the remains of lions. But eaten and killed are not quite the same thing. A strange fact was noticed: the man-eating lions were males, but they did not have a mane characteristic of males.

Cats are famous cannibals 2

The tigress Champawat once, protecting the cubs, was forced to taste the flesh of the hunter. After that, people became the only object of hunting. She was so fearless that she sometimes tried to break into houses. A female Bengal tiger has been accused of over 400 killings in Nepal in 8 years. In 1907, British hunter Jim Corbett killed a big cat.

Cats are known cannibal animals 3

Spotted cats – leopards like to attack a person. This happened especially often in India and Nepal at the beginning of the 20th century. A man-eating leopard from Rudraprayag (India) is accused of killing 125-150 people in a couple of years, according to various sources.

Cats are famous cannibals 4

They are all women and children. The second man-eater from Panar killed more than 400. In the end, they were shot by hunters.

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