Astro forecast: how will Saturn retrograde affect the signs of the zodiac?

Astro forecast: how will Saturn retrograde affect the signs of the zodiac?


Saturn will be retrograde from June 17th to November 4th. All this time he will be in the sign of Pisces. During the reversal of the planet, we will feel more of some of the characteristics of this sign: it is the planet of discipline, limitation, hard work and dedication. Find out at how Saturn retrograde will affect the signs of the zodiac and what challenges you have to overcome during this period.


Saturn retrograde will affect your plans for the future, so this will be the right time to improve your career and finances. New opportunities will appear, but you will have to focus to find them and not be distracted along the way.


They will see progress on the plans they worked on a few days or months ago. However, it is likely that you will encounter some delays that will be ironed out, and once they have flowed, you will enjoy the honey of success.


You are likely to face problems in various areas of your life. Your mood may be unbearable as you will experience sudden mood swings. They should reflect on their work responsibilities to avoid loss or negative consequences due to wrong actions.


Major changes will take place in your life. Some disagreements with your spouse may arise over issues related to the success of one or the other. This is an unfavorable transit for your finances, so you will have to think seriously about your personal expenses.


Problems in a couple’s life can be the protagonists of this transit. It’s time to set healthy boundaries and learn from past experiences. The result may either strengthen their relationship, or they may find they have to go their separate ways.


Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will stimulate the business of Virgo natives and their working lives will be prosperous. As for family life, they may have some family disputes.


This is a favorable aspect for the love of Libra. The relationship of the couple will be stable, harmonious and both will benefit. However, they will have to take care of their financial situation, because it may suffer.


Retrograde Saturn portends big changes for Scorpio, such as a quick move or a new job. As far as your life in the house is concerned, you will have to deal with some minor disputes.


Sagittarians will see positive results in finances, so they can take the opportunity to plan a trip or enjoy the success that comes from their efforts. However, they must have the patience to enjoy this happiness.


They can be a little arrogant because they will feel that their loved ones do not express love clearly enough. They are likely to feel trapped, so a rest period will do them good.


Saturn is in retrograde transit in this sign and will naturally be the most affected. They will reevaluate your financial situation because expenses may increase. In terms of love, they may face some problems, such as lack of affection.


You need to be careful with money because unnecessary spending can be on the way. When you make decisions, especially in your work life, you must analyze them carefully to make sure you make the right decision.

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