Child-Libra: what will the baby be like, characteristics of the zodiac sign

Child-Libra: what will the baby be like, characteristics of the zodiac sign


If your child was born between September 23rd and October 22nd, her astrological sign is Libra. These autumn kids are incredibly sociable, musically gifted, diplomatic, balanced, appreciate beauty. Read on at about the personality traits of babies born under the sign of Libra.

Character traits of a Libra child

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The Libra child is often endowed with great charm and natural gentleness. They have an artistic streak that needs to be encouraged. When they get older, they will become connoisseurs of art, music, literature, fashion.

Children born under this sign are usually calm, but sometimes stubborn and do not like to take risks. They are very fond of animals, especially dogs, do not tolerate loneliness, preferring to be in a peer group. Libra children weigh all the options and are afraid to make the wrong choice. If you ask your baby if he wants ice cream or candy, it may take him a long time to make a decision.

Libra is the zodiac sign that symbolizes balance, and people born under this sign have a balanced temperament and an open heart. Right and wrong actions are important for Libra, they cannot forget and overcome mistakes for a long time.

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A person born in Libra is distinguished by good behavior. When they are in a good mood, they are very sociable, cheerful and helpful people who enjoy being part of a group. They want to live without conflict and are happy to take on the role of mediator in quarrels. Having made a decision, Libra will never change it. If they are convinced of something, they actively defend their opinion, which is usually well thought out and analyzed to the extreme.

Libras are often perceived as people who are easy to get along with and inspire great confidence and security. Representatives of this sign need love and therefore are prone to long-term relationships and quick marriages. They strive for a large, close-knit family and have strong family values. Material and worldly things are of little importance to them.

What professions are suitable for Libra?

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This is a creative sign, so the profession is chosen from the field of art – everything related to beauty. Another suitable area for Libra is jurisprudence. The talent to persuade will help to become a good lawyer. Many children of this sign are early addicted to psychology. They are excellent analysts, and this can come in handy if your child decides to become a cultural or literary critic.

They enjoy working in groups and being part of a team. Scales are also often found among people occupying high ranks in the army. Their sense of diplomacy, organization, delegation is excellent in this industry. Basically, Libra is in professions where you need to actively work with intellect. In addition to the military, areas suitable for the scale of work are the sphere of beauty, luxury and aesthetics.

Advice for Libra Parents

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A child born under the sign of the zodiac Libra does not need a strict upbringing. He does not like quarrels and harsh words, accepts gentleness and understanding. Without proper discipline at home, it is easy to become lazy as an adult. He learns from his own mistakes, not from others.

Since children born in Libra try to avoid conflict, they often give up their desires in favor of someone else. It is important for parents to encourage the child to express their needs and desires so as not to become a puppet of stronger personalities. Libra children need a lot of practice to speak their mind and also stand up for it in front of others.

Little Libras have a strong creative streak, so don’t forget to nurture it by giving them plenty of opportunities to draw, sing, or read. They will also do very well in drama circles – anything that fuels their creative side and allows them to express themselves. Music is very important to them, so surround babies with all sorts of tunes from birth. If they had a happy childhood, they are more likely to choose a creative profession and be able to reveal themselves to the maximum in it.

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Develop determination and willpower in your child so that he does not suffer for the rest of his life, shopping or choosing what to wear in the morning. In search of harmony, Libra can get confused in themselves. Help them find their own life path. Without a favorite thing, life for them will be empty and meaningless. If you do not accustom Libra to responsibility and the ability to compromise, their relationships with people will be unstable. When choosing friends, such children either succumb to their influence, or take too long to weigh them and, as a result, remain alone.

You can’t shout at children, Libra, their soul is so fragile and tender. Teach them to weigh their options calmly, without being dramatic. Let the child learn to analyze everything and painlessly discard the excess. Develop independence in it, do not maintain the status of a sissy (daughter). Teach your child practicality, punctuality, financial literacy and calmly accept changes in life.

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