Flower Moon: When is the Full Moon in May 2024

Flower Moon: When is the Full Moon in May 2024


The May Full Moon is a magical moment when the Moon is in its full glory and gives us its special energy. We at Joy-pup will look at when the Full Moon will occur in May, how it will affect our emotional and physical state, and what actions can be taken to best use this unique energy to our advantage.

When does the May Full Moon occur?

Flower Moon: When is the Full Moon in May 2024 1

In the last month of spring, the Full Moon falls on May 23, 2024. It will come at 16:53, on the 15th lunar day of the lunar calendar. The full moon in May also has another name – the Flower Moon due to the abundant flowering during this period. The Full Moon always falls in one specific astrological sign, in May it will be Sagittarius. It brings with it different energies that we should work with before and during the Full Moon.

Full moon in May: influence on the human psyche

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This is an emotionally difficult day, so it is important to keep your thoughts and emotions under control. The energy on the day of the Full Moon and a day or two before it is in full flow and requires release. Therefore, you can notice sudden changes in people’s moods, insomnia and, above all, aggression. The risk of conflicts and accidents increases, and relationships with loved ones deteriorate. During the Full Moon, internal tension is felt. You may feel lonely and your addiction may get worse.

To minimize daily stress, practice spiritual practices and spend time reflecting, dreaming, and identifying your core values. This time is suitable for summing up work, completing tasks and the opportunity to safely get rid of unnecessary things. Refuse to make important decisions during this period and do not enter into conflict with anyone.

Full moon May 23, 2024: how to spend this day

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The moon gives us a significant amount of energy and we can use it for our own purposes. State your intentions clearly, concisely and specifically. For example: “My goal is to get a new job that brings me satisfaction and a higher salary than I currently have,” or “I will pass my driving school exams on the first try.” These goals are clearly and clearly stated, which will not only help you communicate your desires to the Universe, but will also make you more focused on what you truly strive to achieve.

Work on your spiritual flow: do not give in to negativity and anxious thoughts, focus your attention on something positive. Calm your thoughts so you don’t waste extra energy on useless thoughts.

Spend more time in nature, meditate, read prayers, mantras or affirmations. Interesting ideas may come to you at this time, so as soon as any important thoughts appear, write them down immediately.

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