Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life

Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life


Today, few people doubt that our thoughts are material, and those that are constantly spinning in our heads have the greatest influence. And if they are negative, it creates an obstacle to the goal and sets you up for a wave of failures. You can remedy the situation by changing your mindset from “Nothing works” to “I’m always lucky.” These methods are called affirmations, you can come up with them yourself and use ready-made ones. We at Joy-pup offer examples of positive affirmations that you can use on a daily basis.

Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life 1

What are affirmations?

Affirmation (from lat. affirmatio – statement) – these are phrases designed to influence the consciousness and subconscious. A positive affirmation is a statement that specific goals have been achieved. As simple as it sounds, they have a profound effect on our minds – consciously and unconsciously. Successful people claim that willpower is not enough to achieve success. In a stressful work environment, practicing positive affirmations can help reduce stress levels and move you closer to success. They don’t change things by themselves, but they are an additional resource that you can use to improve your results. Constant repetition creates mental images that can energize, inspire, or set you on a positive note. This, in turn, gives a boost to your subconscious, which greatly influences habits, attitudes and behavior.

How to practice positive affirmations?

Affirmations are one of the most powerful self-improvement techniques as they help you reprogram your thoughts and focus on what you want. Practice them every day. The most effective way is to take a piece of paper, write down 2-3 desired statements and read them every day until your mind combines them. Thus, every time a negative thought arises, you recognize it and replace it with a positive affirmation. Daily repetition is a way to gradually get rid of all negative thoughts. To do this, you will have to constantly fill your thoughts with images of what you really want to see in your life.

Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life 2

Important notes to improve the efficiency of the technique:

  1. Try to devote 5-10 minutes every day to practice saying affirmations, say them loudly, strongly and passionately. The best time of day is early morning or right before bed.
  2. Affirmations should always be formulated in the present tense, not in the past or future.
  3. It is better to avoid statements containing the combination “I must” as this indicates a commitment.
  4. Use short and as specific statements as possible.
  5. Include at least one word that expresses a positive emotion.
  6. Speak in a positive way. Claim what you want, not what you wish to avoid.
  7. You need to work with affirmations constantly, if you go to them occasionally, there will be no effect.

Affirmations for every day

“The best day is waiting for me”

“I am grateful to the Universe for a new, beautiful day of my life”

“My world is full of happiness, joy and abundance”

“I’m doing well, and every day my life gets even better”

“I think positively and create a beautiful and successful life for myself”

“I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself”

“I am aware of my worth, my confidence is growing”

“The universe gives me the best”

“I am surrounded by positive and understanding people who believe in me”

“I have everything I need to make today great”

Affirmations for love

“Today I can meet the love of my life”

“I’m ready to receive love”

“The love I’m looking for is also looking for me”

“The love between me and my partner is stronger than our quarrels and misunderstandings”

“I am happy and satisfied with the relationship that I have with my loved one”

“I effortlessly attract love relationships”

“My life is overflowing with love”

“My personal life is amazing”

“Every day my love relationship becomes more harmonious and passionate”

“My life is great and I share it with the people I love”

Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life 3

Affirmations for money

“Money flows to me easily, it is so now and it will always be so”

“I am an inexhaustible source of income. Every day I generate more and more”

“Everything that I invest or spend returns to me 3 times more”

“My business is booming and my income is increasing”

“I receive and give money with joy and gratitude”

“I’m full of money making ideas”

“Money gives me life satisfaction and peace”

“I like to be successful and have a lot of money”

“I always benefit from everywhere”

“I am a money magnet”

Affirmations for health

“My healing is already happening”

“My body is strong and healthy”

“I have a lot of energy”

“I’m getting healthier every day”

“I have a slim body and a perfect figure”

“I wake up every day feeling rested and full of energy”

“I fill my body and mind with positive thoughts”

“Every cell in my body is balanced”

“I am grateful to the Universe for my vitality and energy”

“My immune system is strong and protects me”

Affirmations for women

“I am strong woman who attracts success and happiness “

“I have the power to achieve the success and prosperity I desire”

“I live to the fullest”

“I deserve to be happy and loved”

“I am brave. I am ready to take action and face my fears.”

“I always attract only the good and have the best positive people in my life”

“I am a magnet that attracts happiness, love, health and prosperity”

“I trust my intuition and always make the right decisions”

“I will overcome all obstacles with ease”

“I am sexy, attractive and desirable”

Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life 4

Affirmations for wealth

“I feel happy and rich”

“I am able to overcome any financial obstacles that stand in my way”

“I am open to receiving all the wealth that life brings me”

“I Attract Opportunities for Wealth”

“I have enough finances to meet my needs”

“My wealth is increasing every day”

“My bank account is always full”

“I am worthy of all the wealth I desire”

“I have the power to achieve financial success”

“I’m on my way to becoming rich and secure”

Affirmation for success at work

“I see myself at my dream job”

“I have a good relationship with my colleagues”

“I make my career easy”

“My work brings me happiness and pleasure”

“I am very satisfied with my workplace and career”

“I always attract the most promising clients”

“I am perfect for this position”

“I am the best at what I do. I achieve exceptional results for my company.”

“I am confident in my ability to reach the top of my profession”

“I have the drive and ambition to achieve my goals”

Positive affirmations: 100 affirmations that will change your thinking and life 5

Affirmation for good luck

“Today is my day, luck smiles at me”

“My thoughts and dreams always come true”

“I am successful, my luck is always with me”

“I expect success in any situation”

“I always get what I want”

“Every day I get surprises from life”

“I know luck will always follow me”

“Success is my daily state that brings joy”

“My luck helps me meet useful people in life”

“I am happy to meet this most successful day”

Affirmations by Louise Hay

“I feel safe in this world”

“I have special talents and skillfully use them for the benefit of myself and others”

“I’m ready to forgive”

“Everything I need comes to me at the right time and day”

“I have the perfect living space”

“My every thought creates my future”

“I discard all fears and worries”

“My home is a peaceful retreat”

“I’m in the process of positive change”

“Everything is good in my world”

Affirmations for motivation

“I wake up motivated”

“I am a positive and inspiring influence on the people I come into contact with”

“I reduce the amount of negativity in my life while increasing the amount of positivity”

“I am free from fear and stress”

“I have been given endless talents that I am starting to use today”

“I’m on my way to the life of my dreams”

“Every day I get closer to my goals”

“My actions can change my life”

“I am the source of my own motivation”

“Happiness is a choice and today I choose to be happy”

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