How to use each phase of the moon

How to use each phase of the moon


The moon has various powers that we can use in our daily lives. Although it is very difficult for scientists to prove the subtle energy emitted by planets and stars, astrology has given us some clues. Depending on each phase of the Moon, there are differences in human behavior associated with feelings, emotions and desires. If you are a sensitive person, it is likely that this will affect you on an emotional level, causing insomnia or even changing your mood. Read on Joy-pup how to use each phase of the Moon to know what to prepare for and how best to spend this period.

Full moon

How to use each phase of the moon 1

This phase of the Moon causes a dip in energy, making it an ideal time for reflection. At this moment, the Moon is fertile for those planning to conceive a child. Try not to go out into crowded places, as your energy may be low. At the same time, many women experience fluid retention in the body, so to restore energy it is recommended to drink more water, tea or vegetable juices.

Waning moon

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When the Waning Moon reigns, respite and rest are recommended because this is the stage in which the Moon wanes. This phase helps to let go and release transcendental things in life and things that are no longer used. On the physical level, light foods are recommended, not canned foods, as well as moderate consumption of sugar, tobacco, flour and junk food. This is the stage of cleansing yourself energetically and morally. Drink water, tea, herbal mixtures to completely cleanse the body.

New moon

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The New Moon phase is the best time to make our desires come true. This cycle speaks of birth, renewal, so the beginning or birth of projects is recommended. All the things you start will have positive dynamics. The lunar phase is designed to create and materialize abundance on a mental and emotional level. It serves to project our desires and energy for a successful start, and the determination and strength that this entails.

Waxing Crescent

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During this lunar phase, it is recommended to do everything related to prosperity and abundance; for example, buying real estate, promoting a business, planting plants. Activities such as running a business and investing will pay off. This is a great time to start playing sports, look for a new job, buy a car or an apartment. However, it is not recommended to go on a diet, dye your hair, do manicures or waxing. Hair cutting will be favorable and it will grow faster. On an emotional level, this is the ideal time to devote yourself to something that will soon bear fruit.

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