New Moon in May 2024: Taurus creative energy

New Moon in May 2024: Taurus creative energy


The new moon brings with it not only changes in the celestial sphere, but also affects our inner world. This period is accompanied by a rich imagination and inner creativity, while presenting challenges in maintaining emotional balance and combating bad habits. We at Joy-pup will explain the astrological and emotional aspects of the New Moon in May 2024 and how these energies can affect our lives.

When is the New Moon in May 2024?

New Moon in May 2024: Taurus creative energy 1

The last spring New Moon will occur on May 8 at 06:24. Moonrise will occur at 04:13 and sunset will occur at 21:30. The new moon will take place under the auspices of the earth sign Taurus, on the 1st lunar day of the lunar calendar. The Taurus sign relies heavily on intuition and psychic abilities. This will greatly help us all in making decisions now. Complete everything unfinished as soon as possible to begin a new chapter of your life. Broken, destroyed and non-functional things block the flow of energy. Allow yourself to fantasize about something pleasant, because now it can materialize. At the same time, think carefully about your goals. Taurus is ruled by Venus and they easily fall into illusions. You also need to be successful financially, so consider investing money.

Energy of Taurus and Moon in May 2024

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The Taurus sign comes across as stable, stubborn and decisive. His true uniqueness comes through spontaneity, creating a unique combination of qualities that cannot be forced on anyone. Routine and household chores are not important for Taurus. He prefers to do things his own way and, above all, to feel freshness and freedom. It doesn’t matter whether he goes to a company or spends time at home, it is important that he feels harmony with himself.

In May 2024, the New Moon will be accompanied by a strong desire for change in all areas of life. There will be no shortage of creative ideas. The influence of the New Moon, like the Full Moon, lasts about two days before and after it. So take full advantage of its intensity. If you can’t immediately implement your ideas, then write them down, draw up a plan for individual steps and gradually immerse yourself in implementation.

New Moon Power

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Follow your intuition and act with your heart, but avoid the tendency to return to past wounds. Then healthy inner balance will become difficult and unnecessary conflicts may arise. During the New Moon period, the Moon in May will also show a rich imagination. This will be reflected in a brighter inner world and a richer environment. Power in this subtle form can also be expressed through singing, dancing, painting or any other form of creativity. Unfortunately, breaking bad habits will be difficult, so giving up smoking on this day, for example, will probably be difficult.

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