Lunar calendar of haircuts and hair coloring for December 2023

Lunar calendar of haircuts and hair coloring for December 2023


Before the New Year 2024, it is important for every woman to improve her appearance. Some will make minor changes in appearance, while others will make drastic changes, but it is very important to do it on the “right” day according to the lunar haircut calendar. We at Joy-pup will help you choose a good day for beauty treatments, so that you enter the New Year of the Green Wooden Dragon as an irresistible beauty.

December 1

Today is one of the best days to cut your hair in December. The result will please you, your appearance will improve significantly, and you will attract friendly people into your life like a magnet.

December 2nd

A favorable day for cutting and coloring hair. After today’s visit to a beauty specialist, a process of positive changes will begin in your life, and those concerns that have been troubling you will gradually find their solutions.

December 3

A visit to the hairdresser on this day will raise your authority in professional circles, ensuring its sustainability. Hair coloring will give you extra attractiveness and enhance your sexuality.

December 4

The stars recommend choosing another suitable day to change your image. Today is an unfavorable day for a haircut, as the immune system may be weakened and illnesses may appear.

5th of December

If you suddenly want new experiences, you can sign up for a new haircut and fresh emotions will burst into your life. But, unfortunately, this does not apply to hair coloring – everything can go wrong.

December 6

Today is an unfavorable day for cutting hair; after a visit to the beauty salon, your attention and concentration will deteriorate, and your hair will be difficult to style. It is better to devote time to caring procedures for the scalp.

December 7

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

December 8

This day is suitable for the most radical changes in appearance – extreme coloring, perm or ultra-short haircut. Not only you, but also the people around you will like your new look.

9th December

According to the lunar haircut calendar, today it is better not to sit in the hairdresser’s chair. This is fraught with intrigue and gossip at work. Paint in natural colors.

December 10

Today’s haircut will not only please you with your appearance, but will also contribute to your career advancement. It is not recommended to dye your hair on this day.

December 11th

If you have set some goals for yourself, you will achieve them much faster if you get a new haircut today. It will also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nervous system and respiratory tract.

12 December

Today it is better to give your hair a break from all procedures, including shampooing.

December 13th

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

December 14

It is recommended to avoid cutting, dyeing or curling your hair on this day, as there is a possibility that these procedures may have a negative impact on your health. In addition, the aesthetic result of the hairstyle will probably not satisfy you.

December 15

Favorable day for cutting hair. The condition of the hair will improve, dandruff and fragility will disappear, the hairstyle will keep its shape for a long time.

December 16

Today’s visit to the hairdresser will protect you from irreparable life mistakes and set the right vector for development. Hair coloring will be very successful, especially for those who dye their hair blonde.

December 17

Haircut is categorically not recommended – you can go astray and attract a lot of problems. Coloring and tinting will give good results.

December 18

Today’s haircut change will have a positive effect on your financial condition. A new hairstyle will help you cope with stress and find peace of mind.

December 19th

Drive away the temptation today to change something in your appearance – the result will not please you, and in some cases it will upset you. An unsuccessful trip to a beauty salon will negatively affect your health.

20th of December

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

21 December

The lunar calendar for December 2023 promises you a new romantic acquaintance. The new haircut done today will play an important role in this. Curling and coloring your hair will also be a blast.

December 22

Trust your hair to your hairdresser, because today is a good day for a haircut according to the lunar calendar. The result will exceed all your expectations, and your new hairstyle will delight you in the New Year. If you are planning to dye your hair, give preference to natural shades.

December 23

Today is a favorable day for creative experiments, bold haircuts and original styling. A great time to update your hairstyle and change your hair color.

December 24

Not the best day to change your hairstyle or dye your hair. It is recommended to avoid strong chemical treatments such as radical color changes or perms to avoid the possible risk of damage and hair loss.

December 25

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

December 26

After today’s haircut, the hair will quickly grow back, will be unruly and frizzy, and the hairstyle will quickly lose its shape. Paint in natural colors; a radical change of color will not please you.

27th of December

The lunar calendar does not recommend getting a haircut during the Full Moon, when you need to take stock. Now is the time to complete current affairs and new beginnings will not bring success, even if it is an ordinary haircut or hair coloring.

December 28th

For those girls who are growing their hair, today is not a very good day for a haircut, as it will take a long time to grow. On the other hand, this is a good time to trim your bangs or trim the ends of your hair. The day is neutral for coloring, and the most suitable for hair care procedures.

December 29th

Today is the day of New Year’s corporate parties and jam-packed hairdressers. The lunar calendar advises you to make an appointment with your hairdresser in advance, because today is a good day for any hair manipulation. Get the haircut you’ve been dreaming of for a long time and be the queen of the holiday!

December 30th

If you want to feel like a beauty queen for the New Year, start changing your image. On this day, a haircut will not only help you get rid of negativity, old problems and depression, but will also open up new perspectives and callings in life. This auspicious day is also ideal for hair coloring.

31th of December

Today’s haircut will bring unexpected conflicts at home with loved ones. Deciding to change your appearance can have negative consequences for both your relationships and your health. It’s better to make a nourishing mask for the scalp and celebrate the New Year with healthy, shiny hair!

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