Who will be lucky in the year of the Green Dragon: zodiac signs that will be lucky in 2024

Who will be lucky in the year of the Green Dragon: zodiac signs that will be lucky in 2024


The year of the Green Wood Dragon is coming, symbolizing strength, and the green color of this sign brings joy and harmony to life. This year promises to be one of the most favorable and financially generous. Those who are lucky next year will be able to enjoy its gifts without unnecessary difficulties and obstacles. Read on Joy-pup which signs will be lucky in 2024.

Who will be lucky in the year of the Green Dragon: zodiac signs that will be lucky in 2024 1


Taurus in 2024 Aries is destined to enjoy material well-being and expensive things. After difficulties in previous years, the financial sector will begin to bear the fruits it deserves. The stars foretell that the Dragon, the patron of this sign, will bring them well-deserved success. Therefore, if you have plans to change your field of activity or start your own business, 2024 is ideal for this. The main rule is don’t delay, but start acting right now.


2024 promises Leos a period of self-expression and personal growth, while the problems and issues of the past will give way to new opportunities. This period is favorable for making long-held dreams come true. Think about what you have always dreamed of and start making them come true. The Green Dragon will be your ally on this journey, so don’t put off fulfilling your desires until later. There is a time ahead for new beginnings and self-development.


Next year, Scorpios will have to rethink their priorities and prepare for a new stage of life. There is no need to worry as this transformation promises to be rewarding and hassle-free. In the process of these changes, Scorpios will discover new horizons for themselves and enrich their inner world with the diversity of life. Although grandiose plans may not be advisable right now, despite this, the Dragon has many other exciting experiences and impressions in store for you that will definitely suit your taste.


Pisces are strongly advised to closely monitor what is happening around them in the Year of the Dragon. During this period, exciting new acquaintances await them that will literally change the shape of their lives. Avoid isolation, instead try to see the opportunities and perspectives that new contacts can offer. Don’t be shy about asking for help – friends and family are always ready to support, and these connections will remain strong for a long time. The dragon, being the patron of this year, will help create a favorable environment that will stimulate you to move forward and reach new heights.

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