Mirror date February 12, 2021: what changes it will bring and how to make a wish on this day

Mirror date February 12, 2021: what changes it will bring and how to make a wish on this day


The strongest mirror date awaits us on February 12, 2021. It is called a palindrome. This is a number that reads the same, both from right to left and from left to right. In numerology, 12-02-2021 is also called a mirror date: it opens up great opportunities and is even capable of changing your destiny. Joy-pup tells what to expect from the main mirror date of 2021.

Mirror date February 12, 2021: what does it mean?

Mirror dates of 2021 have magic powers, they can attract important events into your life and influence your destiny. If we look at the numbers 12.02 and 2021, then we see that from the meeting point of the two twos, they look the same – 2021, both to the right and to the left. Also on the right and left sides towards the center of the date we have the same numbers – 1202. What does this mean in numerology?

Mirror date February 12, 2021 1

The number 12 is a combination of power and management. Remember the 12 labors of Hercules, 12 Greek gods, 12 apostles of Christ, 12 months a year? This list of symbolism for the number 12 can be continued. After all, the end of the world was predicted to happen on 12/12/2012. But, fortunately, it didn’t happen.

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It’s different with the mirror date 12-02-2021. It opens the gates of fate and brings more joy and light than darkness and disappointment. Let’s take a closer look at the date from the viewpoint of numerology.

Date 12-02-2021 in numerology

The date of February 12, 2021 consists of four twos, two zeros and two ones.

  • Twos are dominant in this number. The number 2 itself symbolizes discernment, intelligence, as well as diplomacy and the ability to establish contacts with people.
  • If we add all the twos from this number, then in the sum we get 8 – the sign of infinity. The superpower of the deuce is productive communication and action.
  • Figures of one symbolize independence of thought, awareness, individuality. But the influence of number 1 can turn into selfishness, tyranny and stubbornness. So we wish you to find a balance between these two poles.
  • The superpower of one is in understanding oneself and one’s desires. We will talk about desires for a mirror date further.
  • Zeros act as boosters for certain aspects of one and two. Whether these aspects are positive or negative is up to you.

What do astrologers say?

February 12, 2021 is the day after the New Moon, and its influence still continues. The Chinese New Year is also celebrated on 12-02-201, which symbolizes a new round in life, when it’s time to get rid of everything excessive and unnecessary.

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February 12 according to the lunar calendar is the first and second lunar days. The Moon on this day is in the sign of Pisces. The superpower of this day is the ability of taking action and starting initiatives in business, personal life, studies and self-realization. If you aren’t ready for action yet, write down at least your main plans and goals for the year by creating a wish card. 02/12/2021 is the perfect timing for such things. Read what else you can do on this day.

What should be done on the mirror date 02/12/2021?

On this day, you can significantly improve your life by giving up bad habits and negative influences. Also, on a mirror date, you can attract good luck and prosperity by doing the following the day before.

  1. Think over your goals for the wish card in advance. What are you striving for, what do you really want? If you deliberately approach the answers, then it’s on the mirror date that the gates of fate will open in front of you, your true goals and aspirations.
  2. Be sure to write on a piece of paper what you would like to refuse. This may include your habits, personality traits, people, jobs, responsibilities that weigh on you and upset you.
  3. Immediately after waking up on 02/12/2021, tear off the piece of paper with the notes from point 2. This will help you overcome obstacles and negative attitudes that prevent you from going towards your goal and development.
  4. Since you’ve already done a great job with your goals and plans, highlight the most important one. For example, your year’s priorities are family. Close your eyes and imagine that all your plans in this direction have already come true. What do you feel? Describe and remember your feelings and emotions.
  5. Also 02/12/2021 is an auspicious day for a wedding, and a very beautiful date for a wedding ceremony.
Mirror date February 12, 2021 4

If you think less globally, then it’s needed to take care of yourself on this mirror date. Sports, beauty salon, sauna, massage – all this will improve the quality of your life and give you energy. On this day, it is important to get rid not only of bad habits, but also of old and broken things. So cleaning will help you. And then positive thinking, as they say, will catch up.

What shouldn’t be done on the mirrored date 02/12/2021?

There are also some prohibitions and taboos on the mirror date. First, let go of negative thoughts and judgments. Don’t wish anyone any harm, because everything you say in someone else’s address will return to you like a boomerang. A few more tips.

  • Don’t gloat, don’t discuss others, and don’t keep old grievances in your memory. This shouldn’t be done on any other day either. But a mirror date can “reflect” your emotions and direct them towards you.
  • Don’t quarrel with others and don’t get involved in conflicts.
  • It’s no good to stay lazy and procrastinate today. The universe punishes not only for words and deeds, but also for inactivity. Even a small step towards change for the better is still worth making today.
  • Spontaneous shopping is not the best thing for a mirror date. It will soon turn out that you didn’t need this thing at all. So you better keep your money.
  • Another tip is not to scold yourself for mistakes and misfortune. Better think how to fix them.

Making a wish on a mirror date 02/12/2021 so that it comes true

Choose September 12, 2021 not only for making plans for the future, but also for making a wish. Do a little ritual. First, think carefully about your desire so that it has a visual display. After all, the essence of the ritual is just visualization.

  • Put a mirror on the table.
  • Pick a picture that suits your desire – a successful career, a car, a house, a happy family. These can be analogies and symbols that only you understand. For example, the heart is love, the ocean is travel, etc.
  • Place lighted candles on either side of the mirror.
  • Print the picture and point it towards the mirror so that both it and your figure in the background are reflected in it.
  • Imagine that your wish has already come true, feel its emotional component.
  • How do you feel at this moment? Imagine what your future will be like when your wish comes true.

Mirror rituals help people work with their desires and dreams. Be happy, fulfilled and don’t forget to thank the Universe for all its gifts. 

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