October 2022 Full Moon – Hunting Moon

October 2022 Full Moon – Hunting Moon


The mysterious Full Moon has always attracted the attention of people all over the world. Native Americans measured the seasons by the phases of the moon, and farmers in the 18th century used the celestial body to determine when to plant and harvest crops. Find out at joy-pup.com when the October Full Moon will come and its features.

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Full moon October 2022 – what date will happen

The moon will reach its peak activity on October 9, 2022 at 23.55. Sunset will come at 5:44, and the rising of the heavenly body will occur at 17:53. The moon will be in the zodiac sign Aries on the 14th lunar day – a period favorable for all undertakings. At this time, there is a surge of productivity, strong energy and creative forces. The moon is constantly moving, so the peak of the Full Moon does not last long. However, in the sky we can see a complete shining circle for about three days.

Native Americans refer to the October Full Moon as the hunter’s full moon because it is the start of the hunting season at that time. This is the best period when animals gain weight before winter and appear in places visible to hunters. Alternative names for the October Full Moon: Blood, Egg, Fish, Dying Grass, Cheerful, Travel Moon.

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Full moon October 9, 2022 – impact

The lunar cycle consists of different phases, and the Full Moon is the most mythical. The moon influences the seasons – without it, there would be fewer differences in the seasons and the days would be shorter. It also affects the tides, i.e. fluctuations in sea water levels.

In astrology, it is believed that the Moon governs our emotional life and intuition, and that our experiences are heightened during the Full Moon. This can lead to important insights or revelations because the light of the moon tends to fall on things that were previously in darkness. The danger is that the light of the moon can blind us and in many cases lead to tensions and unforeseen reactions.

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The full moon is the optimal time to clear your life of things that no longer benefit us. “Give” everything to the full moon so that she can take it with her.

This is a great time that gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and set ourselves on the right course in life. For centuries, people, and mostly women, have lived according to lunar cycles that set a clear direction. While the New Moon is a time for setting goals and new intentions for the future, the Full Moon is a time of climax and fulfillment.

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