Saturn retrograde 2022: influence on the signs of the zodiac

Saturn retrograde 2022: influence on the signs of the zodiac


From time to time the planets become retrograde – there is an illusion of their movement in the opposite direction. In June, Saturn’s retrograde movement will begin, which begins on June 5 and will last until October 23. Find out on Joy-pup how this period will affect all the signs of the zodiac and what awaits you in the next six months.

Saturn retrograde 2022: influence on the signs of the zodiac 1


Aries need to get together and think about what you want from life and who you want to see next. This applies to family, friends, love sphere, or career.


Saturn retrograde 2022 brings Taurus tumultuous changes in professional and career terms. It may happen that you are asked to vacate a position or you yourself quit. There may be a sudden change of position at work. Do not worry about this, because whatever decision is made, it will be acceptable to you.


This period will affect Gemini emotionally. Pay attention to how you communicate with others. Now things are starting to happen that you’ve never said out loud before, which makes people angry.


Big inner changes follow Cancers. You will become self-aware and realize that you have the power to let go of some of the people you have clung to.


Love relationships will be the focus of Leo with Saturn retrograde, especially with an emotional partner. Saturn asks you to clear all the bad things that have accumulated in the relationship and forgive all grievances.


Saturn retrograde requires changes in your lifestyle and diet. You must also learn to say “no” and not take on other people’s responsibilities.


Libra in the period of retrograde Saturn need to be very disciplined. You must learn to stick to promises and given words. Pave the way to the goal and follow it without turning. For some Libras, this transit will bring pregnancy.


Scorpios should take care of household and family affairs. Review your relationship with one of your parents. You need to understand where you are in them.


For Sagittarians, this transit will not be a favorable period. He puts you to the test and puts you in a rather awkward position.


Saturn will bring you profit in business. There may be small problems with your soulmate, but in the end everything will be decided positively for you.


The upcoming retrograde period is full of trials for Aquarians. Don’t run away from life, obligations and work. If you accept all the burdens of Saturn, you will be rewarded.


Pisces have a difficult period ahead. You constantly return with your thoughts and analyze what would have happened if events had gone differently. Don’t torture yourself. Everything is going exactly as it should be. Leave the past behind and boldly take big steps forward.

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