Summer Solstice 2024: When is the longest day of the year?

Summer Solstice 2024: When is the longest day of the year?


The summer solstice marks the astronomical transition to the summer season. In ancient cultures, it represents renewal and the beginning of a new life cycle. During this time comes the longest daylight hours and the shortest night of the year. This period is considered energetically strong, when it is recommended to make wishes and perform rituals.

When will the summer solstice occur?

Summer Solstice 2024: When is the longest day of the year? 1

This natural phenomenon occurs in mid-June. In 2024, it will come on June 20 and will last 16 hours and 27 minutes. The sun will rise at 04:46 and set at 21:13. This period is called the longest day of the year, because sunlight extends the time of its illumination by about 13 hours and 25 minutes. Thus, the night will be shorter. The solstice marks the beginning of summer for the northern hemisphere, while winter enters the southern hemisphere.

Symbolism of the Solstice

Summer Solstice 2024: When is the longest day of the year? 2

This is a day to celebrate a new beginning and give thanks to both the Sun and the Earth. The sun and fertile energy are in full swing, the plants are full of vitality and completely renewed. Thank the Sun for her life force and illumination and Mother Earth for her love, fertility, renewal, support and abundance. The Sun and Earth together create a perfect synergy that gives us everything we need to grow, live and develop. Through celebrations and rituals, we express gratitude for these gifts.

This is a special moment when we can rethink our connection with nature, embrace her bounty and take care of our planet. The Solstice celebration is a time of renewal and rebirth, symbolizing a new beginning and gratitude for the life energy we receive from the Sun and Earth.

How to celebrate the summer solstice?

Summer Solstice 2024: When is the longest day of the year? 3

At this moment, when the Earth is at its maximum splendor, radiating vitality and abundance, its energies are available to all of us. You can feel them flowing through you as you pause for a moment in silence and contemplation of nature. Because everything that happens in space is reflected in you at all levels: physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.

On the summer solstice, connect with nature through your favorite outdoor activity. Start your day with yoga practice and sun salutation. You can look at the sun in the first seconds of its rise and be grateful for so much vitality, light and life. Gather flowers, make a wreath, take a walk along the beach, in the woods, or go hiking in the mountains. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and the power of the full sun.

It’s also the perfect time to clean up. Cleanse your home and get rid of all unnecessary things, material and mental, that you will no longer use.

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