The main astrological events of September 2022

The main astrological events of September 2022


September has arrived and with it many astrological changes will take place. As this is a month for reflection, we will be encouraged to go back and resolve old unresolved issues. Much of this has to do with the first astrological event, when Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year. Find important astrological dates at

The main astrological events of September 2022 1

September 4-5 – Mars enters the shadow period of Gemini

As Mars goes retrograde on October 30th, it will begin entering its shadow period from September 4th. During this period, there is a slowdown, and our energy may drop a little, leaving our ability to act. The fears that hinder us will become more open, coming to the fore.

September 9 – Mercury Retrograde in Libra

As Mercury goes retrograde for the third time, it’s time to unravel the messages that reside in our subconscious. What we hid deep and decided to forget, it can return. Decide your affairs calmly and avoid something new in life, carefully make the following decisions.

September 10 – Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon carries a lot of soft, poetic vibes over the next few days, but things can look hazy due to Mercury retrograde. You may feel a little out of sorts and unable to find balance. But during this time, we need to save energy to work on our inner space and do away with habits that harm us.

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September 11-30 – Saturn square Uranus

During the astrological event, which will begin on September 11 and last until the end of the month, Saturn, the planet of tradition and rules, will be aligned with Uranus, the planet of innovation and freedom. At this time, it is necessary to stand firmly on your feet before making any decision.

September 22 – Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun

Mercury aligns with the Sun on this day and can be a powerful time for signs. It pulls things from the subconscious that we can’t even imagine, revealing secrets, hidden information and wisdom. It’s time to trust your intuition.

September 23 – Autumn equinox

With the equinox, the energy of Mother Earth increases and forces us to align our energy with our home planet. As the Sun moves into Libra, the focus can return to keeping thoughts where they are, finding balance and greater harmony in our lives.

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September 25 – New Moon in Libra

With the New Moon in Libra, we bring the idea of ​​finding balance in all areas of life, making commitments and new habits, especially healthy ones. If you want to implement a new project, now is the time.

September 29 – Venus enters Libra

An energy full of harmony comes. It brings cosmic vibrations and helps heal the pains of the heart by creating greater connection and compassion for oneself.

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