Autumn horoscope for October 2022 for all signs of the zodiac: harmony and positive energy

Autumn horoscope for October 2022 for all signs of the zodiac: harmony and positive energy


In autumn there is a change in lifestyle after summer, a new beginning, a reboot, a return to work, to school and student duties. The astrological forecast will tell you what transformations can occur in different areas of your life. Read on joy-pup what the stars promise in October 2022 to all zodiac signs.


Aries in October will have to reconsider their priorities. You have to deal with difficult situations at work and in the family. Treat the autumn crises with understanding. It is worth thinking about your health. Already in November, the stars will be in a favorable position for you. Failures will pass quickly, and the end of the month may even mean career advancement.


The beginning of October will bring hard times, you will be on edge – emotionally and professionally. Consider whether you should sacrifice yourself for someone you trust. Now is the time to rethink your lifestyle. You will find yourself stronger and more capable than you thought. At the end of October, you will have a chance or an offer that you cannot refuse.


The success in your career that you experienced at the beginning of the year will multiply, and in October it will carry over to your personal life. You will finally meet your soul mate, who will give you love and pleasant emotions. Continue to be purposeful as you know how, with ease and grace. Treat everything with a smile, like a competition where the best wins.


Autumn at Cancers will be filled with love and romance. You will have many opportunities to meet a person for a serious relationship, your friends will help you with this. Do not hesitate for a long time, take the initiative to create new relationships. In the workplace, you will ride the wave of previous successes, so you will have time for your family. Pay attention to your family, in crisis situations they will support you and energize you.


A period of well-being and inspiration is coming for Lviv, a time of carefree days, creativity and new ideas. Interesting acquaintances and opportunities await you. Use your bestial talent and take every chance as prey. October will also be a month of success and stability for the stars.


Virgos will experience mood swings, like on a swing. After a carefree September, unpleasant news at work will surprise you, and this situation will also be reflected in your love relationships. In October, you may face a family crisis or reproaches for the selfishness of the relatives. Therefore, help everyone who needs it, kindness is also the path to your personal happiness.


From the beginning of October, you will have to solve problems in the family, with children or with loved ones. It will rob you of your mental well-being. However, do not make fundamental decisions or changes. In overcoming problems, rely on the understanding, kind words and empathy that is inherent in you. November will already be harmonious – both in a career and in relationships.


The beginning of autumn will bring a quarrel, betrayal, conflict with someone close to you. This event will affect you in such a way that you will not have the strength to carry out your duties. However, do not neglect work, you will later regret the crisis in your career. As soon as you remove the traitor from your environment, everything will return to normal.


October is the last opportunity to change careers, you have to be ready to be in the right place at the right time. You will have to fight for a promotion and it will not be easy. The solution is to increase education, courses, trainings, foreign languages, experience that will help you move towards your goal. Do not fight the envy of colleagues, focus on your goals.


In October, Capricorns will be a magnet for the opposite sex. The stars will be favorable to you in matters of the heart, so getting the person you want will not be a problem. There is a chance to meet your destiny or enjoy an existing relationship. You will radiate magnetism, self-confidence and sexuality.


In the coming months, you will find a strong disappointment. You will be annoyed by the little things that you used to wave your hand at. Beware of quarrels, contradictions, insults. Don’t kneel. Already in October, you will evaluate these events as a good experience, even if you feel that there is no chance of returning to the game. Soon you will meet someone who will change that. The stars will be with you. From November you will get rid of problems.


October promises Pisces a productive, positive period. You will discover charm and communication skills that you will use in your career, in love and among friends. Good opportunities will open up before you – it’s time to do something new, thanks to which you will be in the spotlight. Positive energy will continue in November.

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