When to cut your hair according to the moon: lunar haircut calendar for december 2022

When to cut your hair according to the moon: lunar haircut calendar for december 2022


On what days will hair manipulations be successful, and when will they bring disappointment? The stars will tell you when it is better to sign up for a master, and if you listen to them, you can very soon notice positive changes in the health of your hair. Read on Joy-pup lunar haircut calendar for December 2022.

When to cut your hair according to the moon: lunar haircut calendar for december 2022 1

December 1

The growing moon is associated with rebirth, reconstruction and will provide restoration and regeneration of hair. Now all cosmetic care products have increased efficiency, so make your care for curls and scalp more intense.

December 2nd

A day recommended for visiting a hairdresser, but it is better to refuse hair coloring. There is a risk that the procedure will significantly worsen the condition of the curls. Instead, give yourself a head massage that encourages hair growth.

December 3

Today’s haircut will lead to depression and imbalance. It is also better to transfer coloring and toning to a more favorable time.

December 4

You can go to the salon with a light heart today. Any procedure with hair will lead to an improvement in well-being, hair will grow faster, their density will improve.

5th of December

A good day for cutting and coloring hair. The new color will be very successful, intense and will not wash off for a long time.

December 6

An unfavorable moment for visiting a hairdresser – a haircut can weaken the immune system, worsen overall well-being. Today it is recommended to use care products, since it is at this time that curls absorb nutrients best. Make a mask, wraps, hair peels.

December 7

Auspicious day for haircut. Going to the hairdresser will increase the chances of realizing financial projects and improve the atmosphere in the family. Updating your hair color will have a great effect on your appearance and will attract success.

December 8

The wrong day for a change of image, a haircut, coloring or perm will cause serious diseases of the scalp, up to hair loss.

9th December

Today you should avoid hairdressers and beauty salons. If you cut your hair on this day, you will get dandruff or dry and split ends.

December 10

During the waning moon, you can dye your hair. Bleaching is especially recommended, because at this time the pigment of the hair is the weakest.

December 11th

A haircut done today will attract the positive energy of friendship and love into your life. Coloring your hair in copper, red or bright colors will improve relationships with colleagues and management.

12 December

The lunar calendar recommends a haircut or other hair manipulation today. This will improve your intuition, help you avoid mistakes in life and take the right step.

December 13th

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

December 14

Do not plan a haircut or coloring for this date, the result will not please you. The haircut will not keep its shape, and the color will lie unevenly.

December 15

Updating in appearance will lead to an improvement in the financial situation. Money flows and good luck will pour into your life.

December 16

An auspicious day for changing not only hairstyles, but also your style in general. The result will be successful and will please you for a long time.

December 17

Today, it is advisable not to plan cardinal changes in appearance, but easy changes can be made. Refresh the color at the roots of the hair or trim the ends

December 18

Unfavorable period for cutting hair. Today, any manipulations with the hair and scalp will turn into unpleasant surprises.

December 19th

Stars recommend replacing a trip to the hairdresser with a visit to a beautician. Since it is better not to cut your hair today, start a course of restorative and healing hair treatments.

December 20

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

21 December

Today, any hair procedures will be successful and will positively affect career development. The curls will be shiny, filled with vitality, and the hairstyle will keep the desired shape for a long time.

December 22

Pamper your hair with quality care, and the stars are advised to give up cutting and coloring today so as not to bring negativity and despair to life.

December 23

A good day for experiments in appearance and hair. Creative coloring and ultra-short haircuts are welcome.

December 24

Today, you can safely do any haircut, this will positively affect professional growth and life expectancy.

December 25

Unfavorable day for hair manipulation. This can bring quarrels, conflicts, eye diseases into your life.

December 26

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

27th of December

A haircut or trimmed ends today will have a positive effect on the condition of the hair and bring success in various areas of life. It is recommended to dye your hair in shades that are closest to your natural hair color.

December 28th

If you need to cut your hair or change the color of your hair, be careful about the procedure, because today there is a risk of hair injury. Choose an experienced painter, paints should be soft, natural, without ammonia.

December 29th

The right time for various hair manipulations, especially for a radical change of image. If you do not plan to visit a beauty salon, cut off 1-2 cm of the ends of your hair at home.

December 30th

Let’s start the New Year with a new hairstyle! Today is a very auspicious day for hair cutting according to the lunar calendar for December 2022.

Dec. 31

Going to the hairdresser will bring positive results and a successful haircut. The new image will make you the star of the New Year’s party!

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