4 ideas for Easter crafts for children from paper and cardboard (+ video)

4 ideas for Easter crafts for children from paper and cardboard (+ video)


If you want to creatively and constructively use spending time with your child, do handmade with him. Small children are very fond of crafting something with their own hands, which will be very important on the eve of the upcoming Easter holiday. We at Joy-pup have collected Easter paper craft options to keep your kids busy.

Easter craft supplies

To make the following Easter crafts, you will need simple, inexpensive materials that are in every home.

  • Colored paper and cardboard A4
  • simple pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small movable eyes

You can take colored glue instead of regular glue. This will impress the kids and make the process more fun.

Easter basket in the shape of an egg

A great decoration for a child’s room and more. How to make an Easter basket step by step:

  • Take a piece of colored A4 paper.
  • Draw two medium sized egg shapes on it and cut them out.
  • From the excess paper, draw and cut out wide and narrow strips of paper.
  • Place a ruler on a wide strip and make horizontal folds along the strip on both sides.
  • At the folds, cut out small triangles on both sides of the strip with scissors.
  • Glue one side of the strip along one egg, starting from the middle.
  • Make a basket handle from a narrow strip. Apply glue to the ends of the strip and stick to both sides of the egg.
  • Decorate your basket with colorful circles and a bow. Cut out decorations from paper of a different color and glue them in different places.

3D Easter egg card

The perfect card for your child to send to family and friends for Easter. How to make a postcard step by step:

  • Prepare a sheet of colored cardboard and A4 paper in different colors, preferably 6 for variety.
  • Bend the cardboard in half vertically – this will be the basis for the postcard.
  • Take colored paper, draw a large egg and cut it out.
  • Repeat this process with other paper colors until you have a total of 6 eggs.
  • Fold all eggs in half vertically.
  • Apply glue to one half of the bent egg and connect to the other half of the egg.
  • When you glue all the pieces you have, one egg will be created.
  • Glue the egg to the inside of the card, one part on the right side and the other on the left.
  • When you unfold the card, you will see that the egg is also slowly opening.
  • Cut out eggs, circles, lines from the remnants of paper and decorate the outside and inside of the card with them.
  • Easter card is ready!

Easter chick

One of the easiest Easter crafts that will delight both children and adults. How to do step by step:

  • Take A4 paper in yellow, white, beige, red colors.
  • Cut out the body parts of the chicken – scallop, beak, tail, as shown in the video, set them aside.
  • Draw two large circles, cut them out and fold them in half.
  • After that, open and cut with scissors half the diameter of both circles to the fold.
  • Make another fold where you cut in both circles.
  • Take one circle and glue the body parts that you cut out earlier to it.
  • Take another circle and glue it to the first one.
  • Color the rest of the chicken with a marker.
  • So make a chicken.

Easter Bunny

Bunnies are one of the most beautiful Easter crafts. Your child will definitely not be bored while building it. Rabbit technique step by step:

  • Prepare white A4 paper.
  • Draw and cut an A4 sheet of paper into four equal parts
  • Bend each of the strips a total of 4 times.
  • Connect 2 strips into one, gluing the ends with glue.
  • Bend the resulting long strip, tie the center with a thread, open them like an accordion and glue the ends on both sides together. You have an accordion circle.
  • On the rest of the paper, draw two paws, a muzzle, two large ears and cut out the details with scissors.
  • Glue the body parts on the circle, and glue the eyes at the end.
  • The cute Easter bunny is ready.

To be continued…

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