DIY outdoor Christmas decorations

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations


A holiday atmosphere can be created not only with the help of store bought balloons and garlands! It is much more interesting to make some New Year decorations for a fir tree outside with your own hands. Use your imagination and a couple of friendly helping hands, even children’s ones. And we’ll share some great ideas and easy ways to accomplish them.

Step one. Collecting elements

To create beautiful and funny toys, you can use any little things that can be found in the house: clean plastic and glass bottles of lemonade, wine and champagne, scraps of stitching bands, gift paper, satin ribbons, pieces of fabric, large and preferably bright buttons, gift and colored paper, nail polish, watercolors, fishing lines and braided cords, Christmas balls and balls of different sizes (old tennis and soccer balls come in handy). It’s also worth stocking up in advance with spruce and pine cones. So the magic begins!

Step two. Let’s start with the largest crafts

We recommend starting with the big crafts because it will make it clearer how many small elements you’ll need later. If you want your massive Christmas toys for an outside fir tree to look truly elegant, don’t be niggardly about finishing materials.

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations 1

Take plastic bottles, wrap them in bright gift paper and tie them with ribbons at both sides, using linen or colored knitting threads. Now you’ve got candy. If the bottle tapers towards the top, screw the paper into a ball and add it around the top to put the candy into a rectangular shape.

A transparent plastic bottle can be used as a container. Cut the upper narrow part off, put large beads into the bottle, add some artificial flowers or small figures of Santa Claus, a cotton wool snowman, or a children’s toy. Cover the container with a layer of cotton wool or tinsel, and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Champagne bottles painted with golden or silver nail polish look very rich. After painting, they can be sprinkled with sparkles (glitter) or rolled in white flour. This bottle can be tied to the Christmas tree with lace or ribbon.

Well, the classics of New Year’s decor are boxes of different sizes, decorated with colored paper and tied with elegant ribbons. So that no one has doubts that this is a decor, and not a real gift, they should also be attached to the Christmas tree with ribbons or fishing line.

Step three. Medium crafts

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations 2

Outdoor decorations for Christmas made of cones are a space for creativity for children and adults. Cones can be painted with watercolors and nail polish, covered with oil paint fully or partly. To decorate cones you can use beads, ribbons, small spruce branches (also painted or powdered with sparkles). You can hang them on the tree one at a time, or make wreaths out of them, and even garlands. To do this, thread them on the line using a large sewing needle.

Such cones with fir needles and cinnamon sticks (sprigs of lavender or rosemary) are perfect for home decor, as they emit a pleasant discreet odor.

Step four. Small crafts

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations 3

Let’s make it clear that this idea is good for those who love and can draw well. So, in their skillful hands, ordinary light bulbs will easily turn into angels, hare or cat’s smiling faces in hats. To do this, you will need acrylic paint, wire or fishing line, pieces of fabric, angel wings cut from a white plastic container. As an alternative to hand-painting, you can look for face stickers (stickers) that are simply attached to a painted light bulb.

Step five and final. Garlands and toys made of colored paper

DIY outdoor Christmas decorations 4

Colored paper garlands are not as simple as they seem. If you want to make them a little more original, try putting together a garland in the shape of a heart. Fasten small pieces of paper, as shown in the photo, with glue or a stapler.

A round herringbone garland should be cut in a way, similar to peeling an orange. Decorate it with colorful dots of nail polish.

Another Christmas tree garland can be thread on a string with beads, as shown in the photo. In this case, it’s convenient to use a thin strip of resistant paper or a narrow satin ribbon.

Your outdoor Christmas tree will be the most beautiful this year!

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