Handmade gifts: TOP 5 ideas for March 8, 2021

Handmade gifts: TOP 5 ideas for March 8, 2021


Preparations for March 8th are in full swing, and you have plenty of time to make a creative gift. Such an exclusive gift will be a pleasant surprise for a mother, grandmother, sister or girlfriend. It’s also a great way to show your imagination and creativity.

Joy-pup suggests 5 cool ideas for creating an original handmade gift on March 8. Using photos and simple workshops, we will show you an easy, cheap and quick way to make a useful and beautiful present that will surprise your loved ones.

Topiary for March 8

This stylish floral arrangement in gentle spring tones is very popular with girls and women of any age. Topiary can be presented as a gift to mom, grandmother, colleague or girlfriend on March 8th. At the same time, it won’t take much time or money to create it.  

Needed materials:

  • tin decorative bucket;
  • foam sphere;
  • alabaster;
  • warm water;
  • a set of foamiran flowers of different sizes and shades;
  • decorative filler, colored pebbles for decoration;
  • some stick for the topiary base;
  • glue gun.

How to make it?

Fill dry alabaster into a decorative bucket. It’s better to use a metal one because plastic can be deformed, and ceramic can break. Do not fill alabaster to the top and leave space (3-4 cm) for the decorative components.

Topiary for March 8

Add some warm water and stir well. The consistency should be elastic, not liquid.

Topiaris for March 8

Make a hole in the foam sphere the size of a stick and put on it. You can also fasten the workpiece with glue gun. Put the stick into the bucket of alabaster and let the composition harden for 1 hour.

do-it-yourself topiary on March 8
Topiary March 8 do it yourself master class

First of all count the number of colors you’ll need, try the tones that will match. To decorate the sphere we took 5 large flowers and 20 smaller flowers. We also added decorative berries to the composition. It’s better to start glueing small flowers, moving up from the center of the sphere. Try to hide the stick with first flowers. Fix large flowers in the middle, and small ones on top.

Topiary by March 8 master class

After having decorated the ball and the top of the topiary, we proceed to the bottom. We cover  the frozen alabaster with hot-melt glue, lay the decorative filler, glue flowers and small pebbles on top.

beautiful master class

Spring topiary is ready!

original master class

«Homeware bouquet» for mom or granny

This unusual bouquet will be a great present for every hostess for the holiday. Would your mother or grandmother be glad to renew kitchen utensils? Surprise her with a creative gift! If you don’t know what to present on March 8, give some happy emotions and a good mood.

What is necessary:

  • bright kitchen sponges;
  • wooden skewers;
  • kitchen appliances: knives, ladles, spatulas, spoons, skimmers;
  • transparent film;
  • packaging paper;
  • multi-colored ribbons;
  • other small items that will be useful in the house.

How to make it?

Put sponges on wooden skewers.

sponges for washing dishes

Pack each kitchen item in a transparent film and tie it with a ribbon.

kitchen ladle
wooden spoon
ladles in cellophane
a bunch of soup ladles

Wrap each item on top with gift paper. Choose colors so that they complement.

for kitchen
gift for March 8

All you need is to arrange a gift in the shape of a bouquet. Put all the items on the gift paper, place them compactly, complement the composition with sponges. Wrap the paper cone-shaped and tie it with a ribbon.

a bunch of soup ladles

Your elegant gift for March 8 is ready. Creatively different, on a budget and unexpected!

unique gift for March 8

It’s interesting to know. On March 8, 1857, textile factory workers took to the streets of New York demanding higher salaries and better working conditions. This protest was called the “March of the empty pots” and it caused the formation of the first women’s trade unions.

Bouquet made of sweets “Spring Sweetness”

You can easily make this delicious gift for March 8 on your own. The main thing is to refrain from eating the ingredients.

What is necessary:

  • sweets in bright wrappers (conical shape);
  • wooden skewers;
  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • gift wrap.
a bouquet of sweets for March 8

How to make it?

Put the sweets on top of the skewers carefully.

diy candy bouquet

Cut a 4 cm wide strip of corrugated paper and fold in half. 

bouquets of sweets photo

Let’s make a paper flower. Cut the strip into two equal parts, which will be folded in half later. Gather the paper along the bend line and turn it over, giving it the volume and shape of the petal.

candy bouquets step by step
DIY bouquet of sweets

Wrap the first petal round the sweet. 

candy bouquet step by step photo

Make two more petals in the same way and cover the sweet completely. 

candy bouquet

Wrap the base of the flower with thread and fasten it well.

candy bouquets class

To make leaves cut a green strip of paper about 3 cm wide. Fold it three times across the width, and then twice in length.

a bouquet of sweets master class

Cut the edges half round to make leaves. Use about 5-6 pieces to decorate each flower. 

candy bouquet step by step
a bouquet of flowers from sweets

Glue the leaves to the skewer around the flower and a bit lower.

bouquet of paper and sweets

Make 9 flowers of the same color and put them into a bouquet connecting to each other with adhesive tape. Put the bouquet into wrapping paper and tie it with a ribbon.

bouquets of sweets and corrugated
8 март подарок

Look what a beautiful spring present made of sweets you get. 

gifts for March 8

Surprise box

It’s a great idea for a gift, that can be presented to a colleague or a teacher on March 8th. Sweet and at the same time creative surprise will put anybody in a good mood.

What is necessary?

To make a tea set, you will need a beautiful gift box, decorative filler, scotch tape, transparent film, postcard, ribbons and flowers for decoration. You can choose any ingredients to fill the box with, for instance, tea, coffee, chocolate, a nice cup, sweets, kinder surprise, etc.

How to make it?

It’s quite simple to make such a surprise with your own hands. Put the decorative filler into the box. Tape the cover of the box to its back side.

Surprise box

We begin to model the gift by putting tea, coffee and sweets in the box. You can also put a beautiful cup, spoon and other little things.

Box surprise on March 8
a gift for mom on March 8

We decorate the box with flowers and decorative branches. For example, you can make an “eight” and fix it in a box.

gifts on March 8 to the class
gifts March 8 girlfriend

Wrap the gift with a transparent film, tie with a ribbon and attach a card. Congratulate colleagues for the International Women’s Day and give a creative gift.

do-it-yourself gifts for March 8

Other gift wrapping options


Spring anadem

This tender children’s gift will surely appeal to the little princess. If you want to please your daughter, niece or sister, create a handmade spring anadem.

What is necessary:

  • small flowers of foamiran on a wire;
  • thin rim;
  • decorative twigs and berries.
rim on the head

How to make it?

Firstly choose decorative elements that will match in color and style. We begin to decorate the rim by twisting flowers and twigs with wire.

how to make a bezel with flowers

Step-by-step add decorative components, straighten the roses, twigs and leaves. Make sure that they are at a minimum distance from each other and there are no gaps.

do-it-yourself headband
flower headband
gift for March 8

At the end, fasten the flowers from the inner side with the help of the tape. So you get a stylish accessory for March 8.

gifts for girls on March 8

Read also about the significance of March 8, its history and traditions. 

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