Fashionable swimwear 2021-2022

Fashionable swimwear 2021-2022


Summer is round the corner, but there are people that have already started their summer at the warm sea-shore or under the palm trees at the ocean. Anyway, it’s time to get ready for the beach season and try on modern swimsuits 2021. Celebrities already demonstrate bright beachwear at the world’s best resorts. Joy-pup decided to keep pace with fashion trends and collected photos of the best swimming suits of the summer season 2021. Get ready to see a lot of splendid models!

Animal print

Animal print is one of the main trends presented at the Miami Swim Week SS2021 show. Leopard patterns on a swimsuit are worn by Jennifer Lopez and Emily Ratakovsky. By the way, retro swimwear with animal print look great on women with ample curves.

Animal print
Emily Ratakovsky.
©emrata / Instagram
Jennifer Lopez
©jlo / Instagram
Swimwear 2020

Sunny orange

All shades of orange and yellow – such bright colors will prevail on bathing suits in the summer of 2021. Bikinis, swimwear with shorts and one-piece models – there will be a complete “orange mood” on the beaches.

orange swimsuit
bright swimsuit
female yellow swimsuit
yellow swimsuit
Miami Swim Week

Shiny metallic

We have been observing gold and silver for several seasons on fashionable shoes, clothes, and bags. This luxurious trend has also spread to swimwear 2021. If you want to shine on the beach, just buy the right suit.

Shiny metallic

Black color

Black color Tina Kunakey
©tinakunakey / Instagram

The Italian model Tina Kunakey has posted her photos in a black bathing suit on Instagram and seems to have provoked a new wave of love for this color. However, the demand for black swimwear has always been high and in the summer of 2021 we will see a variety of dark bikinis.

girl in swimsuit
black swimwear
one piece black swimwear

White swimsuit

Gorgeous Jennifer Lopez excited fans with her photos in a white sexy bikini. However, it’s not a secret that a tanned fit body goes perfectly together with a white swimsuit. The main thing is not to forget about depilation.

white swimsuit photo
girls in white swimsuits

Two-piece white bathing suits are now decorated with flounces, lace insertions, and ribbons.

Neon and Tai dai

Irina Shayk
©irinashayk / Instagram

Neon makeup and manicure already won the hearts of fashionistas in the spring of 2021. It’s time for bright colored swimsuits. Light green, orange, pink, these summer shades beckon to the sea and the gentle sun. Supermodel Irina Shayk demonstrated her colorful swimsuit on vacation in Costa Rica. We have also chosen several neon models from the new 2021 collection.

2020 swimsuit collection
hot swimwear
bikini swimsuit

Another striking trend of this season is Tie-dye-colored swimwear that brings us back to the 70s and reminds us of the hippie-style romance.

separate female swimwear
separate female swimwear

High waist

Swimtrunks with a high waist are suitable not only for plus-sized ladies, slender girls also adore them. Revealing swimsuit models showing hips and legs are also popular this season.

ratakowski in a swimsuit
©emrata / Instagram
swimsuit zebra
women's swimwear 2020
women in swimsuits

Straps and knots

Swimsuits with straps on the belly draw attention to a slim and fit figure.A vivd example is Emily Ratakovsky, who continues to excite fans with her beach photos.

Emily Ratakovsky
open female swimsuit
women's open swimsuit 2020
separate swimwear

Trendy models of women’s swimwear in 2021 is the abundance of knots and  ties both on the upper and lower parts of the suit.

Crotchless one-piece beachwear

One-piece swimsuits of 2021 are decorated with cutouts on the belly and in the neckline. Sometimes, they are so saucy that such swimsuits don’t look like one-piece at all. A similar sexy model of a beach suit was recently shown by Kim Kardashian.

 Kim Kardashian.
yellow closed swimsuit
fuchsia swimsuit

Swimwear with a top

A real finding for lots of women this year will be swimwear with a top. 2021 novelty of swimming suits will be tops with long sleeves. 

белый женский купальник с рукавами
women's swimsuit in the form of a T-shirt
women's swimsuit in the form of a shirt with sleeves

Choosing between a plain top completed with colored swimtrunks, a model with a bright print or a blackone-piece swimsuit you will find exactly what you need in the 2021 collection. Swimwear with tops are suitable for everyone, including older women, teenagers, plus-sized and slender girls.

high landing
large women's swimwear
floral swimsuit

On one shoulder

Two-piece swimwear with bright bandeau tops or one-piece models with shoulder straps will vary your holiday wardrobe.

swimsuits with bright tops

one shoulder swimsuit
T-shirt women swimsuit
turquoise piece swimsuit


Photos of these beautiful swimming suits will inspire you to purchase a floral beachwear. New 2021 models delight with bright colors and rich tropical patterns.

swimwear separate photos
separate swimwear
beautiful girls in swimsuits
separate female swimwear
beautiful swimwear pics

Ruffles, draperies and flounces

How can we do without these attributes of beach romance? Swimsuits with ruffles and flounces add volume where it is so needed, and draperies help to hide figure errors. New models of beachwear with flounces are made in accordance with the trends of 2021 – you will find swimsuits on one shoulder, fashionable colors, and swimtrunks with high waist.

girl swimsuit
separate swimsuit
summer swimsuit

Metal rings

Bright details succh as metal rings can be found on the new swimwear of 2021. This popular trend cannot be called innovation, but such accessories always attract attention.

separate women's swimwear 2020
the most beautiful swimsuit in the world

Thinking of nature

Clothing from recycled materials increasingly appears on the catwalks and in the mass market. Swimwear is no exception. Swimsuits made from recycled fabric, as well as models made from safe and environment friendly material called hemp were presented at the Miami Swim Week show.

swimsuit photo

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