Everything you need to know about slouch jeans in 2021

Everything you need to know about slouch jeans in 2021


Wide jeans models gain the garland in the world of fashion and slouch jeans stand out among them. This style is adored by Hollywood stars and street style queens. Baggy silhouette, high waist and narrowed to the bottom, that’s what makes these trousers popular among women of different ages and different social standing. Joy-pup editorial team picked up photos of the most relevant new styles in 2021 and is ready to tell you what to wear slouch jeans with.

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What are slouchy jeans and how do they differ from bananas and mom jeans?

To begin with, we’ll figure out what slouch (or slouchy) jeans are and how to wear them in 2021. Slouchy jeans are baggy denim trousers and are one of the main trends of 2021. These comfortable models of jeans “sit” high on the waist, covering the belly and making the female silhouette even more tempting. At the same time, they are loose in the hips and gradually taper to the bottom.

slouchy jeans

Unlike Mom jeans, the slouchy models have more broadened silhouette. However, they don’t show such a contrast between the top and bottom as bananas. Slouches are often tucked to open the lower part of the ankle.

mom jeans

Thus, slouch jeans emphasize seductive female forms and give volume where it’s needed.

Choosing slouchy jeans according to the body shape

If you have narrow hips and broad shoulders (the inverted triangle figure), try on slouchy jeans and your silhouette will be perfect. An hourglass figure is considered the standard in the fashion world, and slouch jeans are ideal for the happy owners of this bodily constitution.

Choosing slouchy jeans
pink jeans slouchy

For girls with thin legs, such a model of trousers will visually add volume. And for those who don’t have much contrast between the hips and the waist such jeans help to “draw” a silhouette. These trousers can also be a fashion rescue for overweight girls, because they draw attention to the most attractive parts of the body (for example, to the ankles, waist) and distract it from problem areas (hips).

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jeans with what to wear

Another advantage of such jeans is that they lengthen the legs (with a high fit), masking any imperfections. Therefore, slouch jeans can be worn by absolutely all women. The main thing is to choose the right shoes and other clothes that will match. And don’t forget about accessories.

Slouch jeans: what to combine with in 2021?

The classic combination for 2021 is slouchy jeans and a T-shirt, long sleeve T-shirt or turtleneck tucked into them. In summer, girls wear jeans of this style with a shortened top, and in cool weather, they complement the look with an elongated blazer or cardigan. Let’s look at the photos, showing other things to combine slouches with this year.

Slouch jeans

With a jumper

Slouch jeans With a jumper

Slouch jeans look great with jumpers and knit sweaters. In autumn and winter of 2021, you will definitely like this fashionable tandem.

fashionable  Slouch jeans

With a jacket or blazer

There’s certainly a jacket or a fashionable blazer in the basic wardrobe of any girl. Moreover, in 2021, it has already become a real trend. Combine slouch jeans with cropped or elongated jackets and blazers and be sure to complement your look with heels.

fashionable blazer
fashionable blazer 2020

With a T-shirt or top

For the spring-summer period of 2021, stylists prepared many fresh combinations of fashionable jeans with no less fashionable tops, T-shirts, bustiers and crop tops. Such major international manufacturers as Zara, Bershka, and Mango have a huge number of stylish options for bright looks with slouch jeans.

Bella Hadid Model
fashionable jeans
fashionable jeans
jeans slouchy photo
slouch jeans

With a shirt or a blouse

Wearing slouches with a denim shirt or jacket, you’ll create the most popular total look. A white shirt will help to emphasize the business image. A silk blouse with ruffles, combined with slouch jeans, will make you ready for an evening out or a romantic date.

jeans shirt
jeans shirt
shirt slouching
shirt slouching

With a polo or turtleneck

One-colour turtlenecks and warm knee-high socks are a must-have for the basic women’s wardrobe. Fashion trends in 2021 are moving towards simplicity and comfort, and a combination of slouch jeans, polo neck and trendy shoes is just perfect for a casual look.

Fashion trends in 2020

With outerwear

Easy fit jeans look great with cropped jackets, classic coats and leather sheepskin coats. Slouches play an important role here, because oversized models in tandem with outerwear and fashionable boots always create a stylish casual look.

With outerwear
stylish casual look.

Coloured slouchy jeans styles

White, black, grey and beige slouch jeans are a great alternative to classic blue denim models.

Coloured slouchy jeans styles
slouch jeans
slouch jeans 2020
slouch jeans
jeans with what to wear in spring

What shoes to wear with slouch jeans?

The heel makes you a few centimeters higher and removes a few extra pounds. Slouchy jeans are just made for heels: graceful shoes, sandals, boots, ankle boots, can make your legs even more beautiful.

wear Slouchy jeans
slouchy jeans 2020
slouchy jeans 2020
black slouches

Tall and slender girls can wear slouch jeans with sneakers. If the girl is short, it is better to choose models on the platform.

girls can wear slouch jeans

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