5 sunglasses trending in 2023

5 sunglasses trending in 2023


Sunglasses will add the finishing touch to your look. They are not only a fashion accessory, but also protect us from dangerous UV rays. Read on Joy-pup which sunglasses models will be especially popular in 2023.

Sunglasses in the style of “Matrix”

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The Matrix sunglasses are the trend of 2023, and without them it is impossible to imagine the catwalks of the last Fashion Weeks. They entered the life of fashionistas and enriched the current street style. These models are characterized by a narrow shape, which can be either oval or square. Sunglasses Matrix are irreplaceable on walks. They bring back the 90s and make the rest of your outfit both casual and modern. The narrow shape of the accessory makes your face appear thinner.

Cat-eye sunglasses

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Retro Cat Eye glasses will remain fashionable in 2023 and therefore will become a true classic. Hardly any form of sunglasses is as timeless as this one. This year, spectacular models are popular, tapering towards the tip. Cat-eye glasses emphasize the contours of the face – elongate the shape and make the cheekbones wider than the chin.

Shield Sunglasses

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Ski-inspired shield-style glasses will add a real fashion statement to your look. In addition to being very bright and futuristic, the large size will provide maximum protection from the sun.

White frame

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White-rimmed sunglasses are also popular this fashion season. They give your look a modern touch, but at the same time, they bring the retro charm of the 60s to life. White color makes the look elegant and fits perfectly with any style of clothing.

Bright frames

5 sunglasses trending in 2023 5

In contrast with white-framed sunglasses are models with colored frames. An understatement is inappropriate here. Bright frames will make you a real eye-catcher. They also enhance basic outfits and give you the wow factor without much styling effort.

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