7 most fashionable women’s styles

7 most fashionable women’s styles


Fashion is one of the endless topics that always captures the attention of many women. With so many different outfit options, you can freely express your personality. Let’s find out about the most popular women’s styles on joy-pup.com.


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The hippie style has been around since the 60s and has never ceased to be popular. The change in thinking led to a complete revolution in fashion styles – hence the hippie style was born. For many generations, it has not been lost, but, on the contrary, has spread throughout the world. Freedom, looseness, carelessness, comfort and a bit of wildness are what he personifies and is integrated into every outfit. Loose cut clothes, lace, prints, drawings, floral designs, hand embroidery and appliqués, a ribbon in the hair, homemade jewelry are the main features – the main features of the hippie style. If you are a girl with a personality, the hippie style will definitely be the perfect choice.

Vintage style

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This style suits romantic and creative girls. Genuine vintage clothing is considered to be clothing created between the 1920s and 1970s, but many fashion designers produce vintage-styled fashion items. The main colors of this style can be called black, earthy, brown, beige, brick red. When composing an elegant vintage look, use items from the same era. To create a stylish look, and not a ridiculous look, you should know the history of things. You can choose one vintage item and correctly fit it into a modern outfit.


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Are you a girl who loves simplicity in everyday life? Then the minimalist style will be your great companion. The concept of this style is already clear from the name. Minimalism in fashion is simple straight lines, the most muted colors, simple styles. It would seem less attractive, but lately this style has dominated fashion. Simple things are boring, but sometimes they have irresistible beauty and impress with their charm and elegance. Typical for this style are such things as jeans, corduroy trousers, white shirts, skirts, coats, black jackets.

Bohemian style

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Another style of nomadic aesthetics that makes women fall in love with itself, which has another name – boho. Like hippies, boho also inspires freedom and comfort, but it is somewhat bolder, stronger, but also very stylish and romantic. For bohemian-inspired looks, pair a long, flowing skirt with an off-the-shoulder top with an interesting print, or brocade long dresses. Unique bracelets and necklaces will add personality to your bohemian look.


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The preppy style is relatively recent, but quickly became popular. The inspiration for it was the American school uniform of 1912. She aims for a discreet, elegant woman with a personality – classic suits, confident demeanor and light makeup. It was with these advantages that the preppy style attracted most modern girls. Create a Preppy look with short skirts, knitted vests, crop top blazers, plaid sweaters. Add simple accessories, leather boots, berets to look more stylish.


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Contrary to the fussiness of other fashion styles, the Normcore style brings simplicity. From materials and design to clothing colors. It originated in 2014, but still has a large following. Most of them are people who love everyday life and oppose the luxurious and expensive lifestyle of today’s youth. There are two styles similar to normcore – unisex and street style. They are all a combination of casual wear such as sweaters, flats, sweatshirts, t-shirts. For example, to get rid of the restrictions of office fashion, combine a shirt with jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Sport chic

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Sports trends are loved not only by men, but also by many women. Think athletic style is only for sports? No, their space is no longer limited to sports venues. Dynamic sport chic looks can be found on the street, in the bar and even on the catwalk. The characteristics of this style are comfort, dynamism, strength, confidence. Sports style elements include loose pants, loose t-shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops, wide t-shirts. To add personality, some outfits have a very large number of patterns and prints. As for accessories, instead of high heels, pair them with active sports shoes, duffel bags and a baseball cap.

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