Chunky sole boots – reasons to choose them in the winter season

Chunky sole boots – reasons to choose them in the winter season


Boots with chunky soles, combining style and practicality, became the leaders of street fashion. Being noticed at 2020-2021 high fashion shows they quickly found their place in the wardrobes of fashionistas around the world. A thick tractor sole, no heel, rubber ankle inserts and a comfortable fit make these shoes truly all terrain. They are now available in many varieties to suit any style. Further you’ll see the most fashionable combinations of what to wear with these trendy boots.

Boots with chunky soles – models and styles

They are called the winter counterpart version of Daddy’s sneakers. A protruding, scalloped sole, a round toe and a grungy look are the hallmarks of these stylish boots. They are made from natural leather, eco-leather and even rubber. Chunky leather boots will be a stylish version of your winter shoes as the tractor sole is integrated into different styles: Chelsea, Dr. Martens, combat boots, jockey, rubber boots. Length varies from knee to mid-calf.

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Many fashion brands have presented their versions of trendy boots. The biggest sensation was made by Prada models with patch pocket-handbags and high lacing and Bottega Veneta chelsea boots with large air loops. High  chunky sole boots, created this season by Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino, thanks to feminine details – straps, buckles, chains – soften the unwieldiness of the shoe. Now this fashion trend is available to many girls who follow fashion and can find options from the democratic brands, such as Mango, H&M, Zara, Everlane.

Chunky sole boots: women’s looks with a dress

Functional shoes have the advantage of suiting most of our wardrobe. The thick sole not only makes you look higher, but also protects the legs from the cold. Long or short dresses pair perfectly with these trendy boots, adding a bit of sharpness to the look. From a knitted casual dress or boho style to a flowy satin combination, any look is perfect as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. Add printed tights to make contrast and highlight your stylish shoes.

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Winter chunky sole boots matching jeans

The first thing that comes to mind when deciding what to combine with chunky sole boots is jeans. Despite the fact that banana, boyfriend and other jeans styles with loose trousers are in fashion, they should be worn with jeans tucked into boots. Pair them with black jeans, a blouse and a coat to create a stylish office outfit. Blue jeans look fresh with black boots. Such a look is a good casual option.

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Wearing a skirt with boots

Comfortable and durable boots with scalloped soles are a great choice for the winter and add zest to your midi skirt looks. The slim and comfortable silhouette is gaining more and more fans among those who are abandoning sexy fashion in favor of more practical trends. Chunky sole chelsea boots guarantee the image relevance when combined with a woolen pleated skirt, made of leather, and especially with a mini-skirt.

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Winter chunky boots combined with trousers

Winter fashion is not complete without warm clothes such as tweed, corduroy or wool pants. Classic trousers can also be combined with tractor-soled boots and become a good variant for the office. The combination with leather trousers is perfect for meeting friends and gathering in cafes. They are worn the same way as jeans – with trousers tucked in.

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Trouser suits to match fashionable brutal boots are a special chic.

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Leggings and silk tights with boots

Tight leggings and silk tights are very comfortable to wear with chunky-soled boots. Pair them with oversized jackets, as street style stars are wearing.

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Shorts with boots

For winter, choose high-waisted shorts made from warm fabrics – leather, wool, knitwear, fleece. Boots with chunky soles will become a stylish accent in the image.

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Choosing outerwear to match boots with massive soles

Boots look stylish with many types of outerwear, it all depends on where you are going to go. For stricter looks, choose a classic or trendy coat, an eco-fur coat, a sheepskin coat, and a cozy, voluminous shirt-jacket is suitable for everyday outings.

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