5 winter trends you should have in your wardrobe

5 winter trends you should have in your wardrobe


Winter is a season that makes it difficult to be warmly dressed and look stylish at the same time. Designers have already begun to offer utilitarian real-life clothing that is practical for all weather conditions and looks fashionable. The Joy-pup editorial team will tell you about the trends of winter fashion 2020-2021, and share a list of things that should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Quilted down coat

5 winter trends

A quilted puffer coat is a must have in your wardrobe this winter. The quilting trend, common among jackets, skirts and handbags, has made its way into classic outerwear. It combines the features of a down jacket and a coat, is made of nylon, is water-proof, thanks to a special steeping. You can choose any thickness of the backing cloth depending on the temperature at which you are going to wear it. You can choose from different kinds of stitches: rhombuses, squares and other decorative methods. Remember to accentuate your waist with a belt. A belt on voluminous outerwear is the hit of winter fashion 2020-2021.

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5 winter trends 3
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The latest fashion novelties from the catwalks of the fall-winter 2020-2021 season are a swallowtail down jacket, a cocoon down-jacket, leather down jacket, sports and cropped styles.

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Winter trends – plaid outerwear

Do you know what things should always be in your wardrobe? Checked clothes! Among the variety of fashionable prints, that’s what’s in the lead. Only types of check come into and out of fashion, but the print itself is present in every season and at fashion shows. Also, courtesy of Hailey Bieber, the checkerboard print has become very popular, and all fashion bloggers are now going crazy about it.

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Oversized sweater

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A warm sweater is a winter must-have and a proof that comfy can be fashionable. With its help, you can create stylish winter looks. Some warm clothes need some styling to unfold their full potential. Our tip on how to wear an oversized sweater is the following: Tuck the front into your pants, add a belt and roll up the sleeves. A voluminous sweater made of natural yarn is suitable for a variety of occasions. Wear it to work with pants or a skirt and high boots, with jeans and sneakers at the weekend, with leather pants and ankle boots for a date.

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Eco fur coats

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The trend towards environmental friendliness has been picked up by the most famous brands. A faux fur coat or teddy bear plush should be on every girl’s fashion list. This is the perfect combination of style, practicality and outerwear trends for winter 2020-2021. Winter fashion offers solid colors, two-tone or animal prints. A trendy fur coat is not a luxury item, so it can be worn equally with a pantsuit and boots, as well as with hoodies, joggers and sneakers.

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Warm Panama

The headwear, which was very fashionable this summer, also hit the winter 2020-2021 hat trends. In the cold season, street style stars wear panamas made of warm materials – wool, fur, plush, eco-leather, velveteen, tweed. The trim is made of fleece. What do you need to have in your wardrobe to match this fashion accessory? Coat, down jacket, eco fur coat, sheepskin coat fit perfectly into winter looks with a warm panama hat.

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