Outfits for the New Year 2021 for women: best options according to the signs of the zodiac

Outfits for the New Year 2021 for women: best options according to the signs of the zodiac


2021 is really close and people are expecting it with hope for a better future. According to the Eastern calendar, it will be the year of the White Metal Ox. Read this article from Joy-pup and learn what each zodiac sign should wear on New Year’s Eve 2021 so that the outfit will bring you good luck and happiness

Celebrating the New Year 2021: style and color of clothes for the holiday

New Year 2021 will replace the year of the White Metal Rat. To celebrate it cheerfully and properly, choose an outfit that will suit the taste of the symbol of the year – the White Metal Ox.

Outfits for the New Year
  • We would like to recall that the Bull doesn’t like fanciful and too pretentious outfits. He values ​​simplicity and comfort.
  • Choose dresses and skirts with a straight or slightly flared cut. Styles should be elegant, light, graceful.
  • Choose natural colors: cream, beige, sand, white, blue, the whole palette of green. Metallic shades, gray and brown colors, lavender, powdery, silver are also suitable.
Outfits for the New Year 2
  • Colors that aren’t suitable for celebrating the New Year. Representatives of all zodiac signs shouldn’t wear red, turquoise, orange things for the New Year 2021. Animal print, aqua and acid shades are also not recommended for celebration.
  • It is very good if you meet 2021 in a dress with flower patterns: the floral print will cheer the Bull up, give him and you a good mood.
  • Choose interesting details for the New Year 2021: a dress with a slit, a V-neck, clothes with fringes or small frills.
Outfits for the New Year 3

You have already learned about the outfits that should and shouldn’t be worn on New Year’s Eve 2021. Further, we will take a look at specific options and ideas for images for all signs of the zodiac.

Outfits for the 2021 New Year Party according to your zodiac sign

When choosing outfits for the New Year 2021 celebration according to the signs of the Zodiac, don’t be guided only by the stars. Pay attention to the fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion trends. Stylists this year rely on femininity, ecological safety and minimalism. Clothes made of recycled materials, silk, satin, wool and eco-leather are popular this season. Let’s examine our TOP of outfits that should be worn by representatives of each zodiac sign for the New Year’s party in 2021.


Aries, like other fire signs, love clothes of bright and rich colors – red, yellow, lemon, orange. However, on New Year’s Eve 2021, you cannot wear these shades so as not to anger the Bull. Choose some calmer shades from the 2021 trendy color palette, burnt brick or violine.

Outfits for the New Year 4


Taurus in 2021 will be lucky, because it’s the sign of the animal of the year. To honor the symbol of 2021, try on a dress with a sheen of silver, a short shiny top with white jeans or pants, or a blush jumpsuit.


Gemini won’t find it difficult to choose what to wear to celebrate the Year of the Ox in 2021, as they already love simplicity, comfort and minimalism in clothes. A white shirt, beige or pale blue trouser suit will be your best outfit for New Year 2021. A floor-length dress with a high slit or a wrap-dress will also be extremely suitable for you.

Outfits for the New Year 5


If you love natural colors, earthy or sandy palettes, you’re in luck. After all, an outfit in such tones matches the preferences of the White Metal Bull. Complete your look with fashionable accessories, and you’re ready to go and celebrate the beginning of a new period of life.


Representatives of this zodiac sign make little secret of their love for expensive and fashionable jewelry. Now it’s time to pay attention to large chains, rings and bracelets. Remember that jewelry is never too much in 202, so put on several pendant ornaments and necklaces for a New Year’s party. Now even the simplest outfit will look festive and chic. But we all know that simple outfits aren’t about Leo..

Outfits for the New Year 6


Virgos love order and practicality. But in New Year 2021, you should give up jeans, sweaters and shapeless T-shirts. Try on the femme fatale look and wear a long black dress to a New Year’s party. We are sure that your loved ones will look at you in wide-eyed astonishment.


We know that Libra is equable and can perfectly balance, both in clothing and in communication with others. Why don’t you make waves on New Year’s Eve 2021? Put on a one-shoulder dress, an asymmetrical skirt, complement the look with an unusual handbag and bright stilettos. Doing this you’ll feel like a completely different person, confident and successful. You will surely like your new image and have a wish to keep it for a long time.

Outfits for the New Year 7


The Scorpio soul needs a holiday, so it will be quite easy for you to choose an extravagant and bright outfit for the New Year 2021. Since catchy colors and too provocative accessories are prohibited this year, focus on accessories and details. For example, choose a dress with a deep neckline, translucent or lace inserts. An elegant jumpsuit with wide trousers is also suitable for the New Year 2021.

Outfits for the New Year 8


We recommend Sagittarius to wear a silver or beige lingerie-style dress for the New Year 2021. Don’t forget to add a classic blazer and stylish accessories to such a delicate look. For New Year’s outfit 2021, give preference to sateen, lurex, satin. If you choose a black dress, decorate it with sparkling details, as a little glitter or sequins will not interfere with your look in 2021.

Outfits for the New Year  9


Capricorn zodiac sign representatives will easily get on well with the Ox in 2021. You will feel confident in any outfit on New Year’s Eve, even if it will be jeans and a blouse. The main thing is not to forget about chic styling, makeup and manicure.


Your cheerful and positive nature won’t let you dress dully for New Year 2021. If you want to surprise and amaze your friends choose a dress with puffy sleeves or a skirt made of eco-leather, which is fashionable this season.

Outfits for the New Year 10


Trendy gold or silver outfits that accentuate the waist will suit you. Choosing a tight-fitting dress for a New Year’s party is just perfect. Don’t forget to decorate easy fit models with a belt. In addition to the look, choose a nude make-up, but always with red lipstick.

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