Old money – style features, fashionable images

Old money – style features, fashionable images


In the fashion world, various styles have emerged over the years, each with their own unique characteristics and influences. One such style that has gained popularity is the Old money aesthetic. This style is not just a way to dress beautifully, it is an entire philosophy that expresses refined taste and cultural heritage.

What is Old money style in clothes

Before diving into this style of clothing, it is important to understand what the term means. Old money refers to individuals or families who have inherited wealth and have been wealthy for generations. They are known for their refined taste, aristocratic origins and a certain level that corresponds to their social status. The most famous representatives of the style: Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton.

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The term Old money reflects the lifestyle and dressing style of the upper class with simple yet sophisticated designs that exude timeless classics. Unlike some fashion trends that tend to show off one’s wealth through flashy and frilly pieces, Old Money style emphasizes effortless nobility and genuine quality without being overly ostentatious.

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The Old money aesthetic is not about displaying wealth, but rather embodying a sense of heritage and class. It goes beyond trends to create a wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

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Key elements of Old money clothing style

Old money clothing style is characterized by sophisticated elegance, timeless details and understated luxury. It exudes a sense of elitism and refined taste. You can target women who stand out for their style, determined not only by brands, but also by the art of combination. True elegant style does not show off the thickness of the wallet. Goodbye logomania – brands are now trending, which only true connoisseurs will recognize, despite the lack of bright emblems on clothes and accessories. Read on for the key elements of this style.

Classic silhouettes

The basis of the style is classic silhouettes that have not gone out of fashion for decades. Knee-length dresses, well-tailored jackets, cashmere sweaters and jackets are all symbols of Old money style.

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Custom clothing

Old money fashion is synonymous with tailored clothing. Suits, blazers and dresses are carefully designed to fit and flatter your figure. The emphasis is on clean lines, impeccable tailoring and attention to detail.

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Neutral color palette

Neutral colors dominate the Old money wardrobe. Shades of beige, navy, gray and black create a sense of timeless elegance. These colors easily combine with each other, creating a harmonious image. Prints and patterns are minimal, favoring subtle stripes or the classic houndstooth pattern.

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High quality fabrics

The materials from which items in the Old Money style are made are always of the highest quality: genuine leather, silk, cashmere, high-grade cotton. This not only adds luxury and elegance to things, but also ensures their durability.

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Minimalism in accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in completing an Old Money look and should be elegant and minimalistic. Classic watches, pearl necklaces, thin gold bracelets, diamond or mother-of-pearl earrings are ideal options. A lot of jewelry or very bright accessories do not match this style.

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No logos

Unlike many modern trends, Old Money imagery avoids overt display of brands and logos. The elegance and quality of things should speak for themselves, without the need to emphasize their belonging to one or another expensive brand.

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