5 tricks to prevent dry skin in winter

5 tricks to prevent dry skin in winter


Frosty air and cold wind in winter lead to the fact that the delicate skin on the face begins to dry out. And even good creams do not help. This problem occurs in many women, causes discomfort and can provoke inflammation. We at joy-pup will tell you how to prevent dry skin in winter.

Moisturize immediately after washing

5 tricks to prevent dry skin in winter 1

After cleansing or washing, the skin loses important protection, namely natural oils, which retain moisture. During the cold season, this is especially important. So be sure to apply a moisturizer to restore balance.

Use sunscreen

The influence of the sun on the skin is harmful even in winter. Ultraviolet rays break the water barrier, which causes our skin to dry out, become rough, lifeless. Therefore, every day after a moisturizer, apply sunscreen with a protection factor of SPF 30.

Avoid scrubs

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In winter, using scrubs can harm your skin. Yes, these products help to remove dead cells. But at the same time, the protective barrier is broken. Therefore, it is best to minimize their use.

Night protection

Use nourishing night creams to saturate the skin and, as a result, prevent it from becoming hydrated. An excellent option would be a tool with mineral oil. The components are absorbed for a long time and at the same time work well.

Protect your skin during the day

5 tricks to prevent dry skin in winter 3

Use BB creams for extra protection from cold wind and frost. By applying such a tool on the face, you form an additional barrier, and also maintain water balance. But do not overdo it, the cream is applied in a thin layer to go unnoticed.

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