6 beauty tricks to create waterproof makeup

6 beauty tricks to create waterproof makeup


The weather is constantly changing. In the morning we can watch the sun, and in the afternoon it is pouring rain. And in this case, our makeup suffers – the mascara can float, and the base can simply wash off. What to do? Of course, the easiest way is to use waterproof cosmetics. But if it is not at hand, you can try other solutions. We at joy-pup offer 6 simple beauty tricks to help you create waterproof makeup yourself.

Use cosmetics with a dry texture

If you wear beauty products with a liquid texture on your face, in hot weather your face may float. The same happens when it rains. Therefore, makeup artists recommend giving preference to shadows and pencils with a dry texture, which are not so easy to wash off.

6 beauty tricks to create waterproof makeup 1

Don’t use foundation

Ditch the heavy foundation in favor of lighter BB creams. The latter perfectly even out the tone of the face, while they fit perfectly and do not roll down. If you are using powder, then opt for a colorless one that will make your face matte.

Your base is a powder foundation

Makeup will hold up well in the rain if you use powder or baby powder as a base. Apply the product in a thin layer, so that no moisture will be terrible.

6 beauty tricks to create waterproof makeup 2

Apply powder to your lashes

Even waterproof mascara in the rain can leave marks or begin to crumble. If you don’t want this to happen, lightly powder your lashes. Then paint them. Also, do not cover the lower lashes with mascara, otherwise divorces cannot be avoided.

Pay attention to the fixing spray

This is a rather fashionable cosmetic product that makes it easy to fix makeup. In the rain, it will not leak, and you will look perfect.

6 beauty tricks to create waterproof makeup 3

Opt for neutral hues

Many makeup artists recommend using neutral shades in makeup if it’s raining outside. In this case, even if the makeup will flow, it will not be so noticeable. Thus, pencils and shadows should have pastel colors.

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