Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures

Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures


All women want to be beautiful and for this they are ready for a lot. We at present a selection of the most unusual beauty treatments that only the most daring dare to do.

Candle hair treatment

Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures 1

Tired of split ends, but do not want to cut your hair and remove its length? Then get ready for an unusual procedure called Velotherapy. This is a Brazilian method of getting rid of damaged hair with fire. Carrying out this therapy, the master divides the hair into strands and twists them into a bundle, and then burns them very quickly with a candle flame. This method of care sounds quite extreme, but, according to reviews, the result is really amazing. After thermal exposure, the hair becomes healthy and soft. The main thing – in no case do not perform such a procedure at home.

Fire face mask

Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures 2

On the way to beauty, women see no barriers, so they agree to even the most dangerous methods, such as facial rejuvenation with the help of fire. Yes, it is possible and very easy! A towel soaked in a special solution is placed on the face, and then set on fire for a few seconds. Chinese experts claim that fire stimulates the skin, reduces flaccidity, tightens and reduces wrinkles. Don’t believe? Check it out! But only at the reception of an experienced cosmetologist.

Breast milk face mask

Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures 3

This method of rejuvenation is no less strange. It turns out that breast milk is useful not only for newborns, but also for young mothers, as an excellent cosmetic product. Beauty experts note that breast milk works wonders. It contains beneficial properties that promote skin rejuvenation, protect against inflammation, remove pimples and even burns. So moms, if you have a lot of milk, you can make a face mask from the excess.

Cactus therapy

Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures 4

In Mexican beauty salons, ladies are given an unusual cosmetic procedure according to the recipe of ancient ancestors. The therapy is similar to acupuncture, only the role of needles in this case is performed by pieces of cacti. Many Mexican beauties claim that the procedure is very effective, although quite unpleasant. Before the procedure, as a sedative and pain reliever, experts suggest drinking a little tequila, and after the completion of the “cactus therapy”, the body is doused with agave juice to strengthen the effect and stimulate skin rejuvenation.

Snail mask

Beauty requires sacrifice: 6 strange beauty procedures 5

We became aware of the properties of snail mucus not so long ago. We owe the discovery of the rejuvenating effect in mucus to the workers of a farm in South America where they raised snails. The workers who cared for the mollusks began to notice that their skin became soft and tender, and cuts and cracks healed very quickly. And so the rejuvenation procedure with the help of snails appeared in many salons. But you need to understand that in order to get excellent results, you should quietly endure while the miraculous snails crawl over your face, which is not a very pleasant process.

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