Naughty curls: how to care for curly hair

Naughty curls: how to care for curly hair


Natural bouncy curls are very beautiful, but if not properly cared for, hair can turn into dry, unmanageable tow. Curls are more capricious than straight hair, often tangled, electrified and form a “nest” on the head. We at Joy-pup will tell you how to properly care for curly hair so that it looks perfect.

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Why is hair curly?

Why do some people have curly hair and others don’t? The nature and structure of our hair is genetically determined. Scientific studies show that curly hair is predominantly inherited. Thus, if the parents have curly hair, there is a relatively high chance that the children will also have curly hair.

DNA determines the cross section of the hair – the rounder it is, the smoother the hair will be. The more oval the section of the hair, the more curved it grows. The angle at which the hair grows out of the scalp is also important. If it is vertical, the hair will be straight, if it is slanted or curved, the hair will be wavy or curly.

Curly or wavy hair tends to become dry and frizzy quickly. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Due to the natural curvature of the hair, the outer layer of the cuticle does not lie flat, which means that moisture from the inside is lost more easily. Hair becomes even more sensitive to harmful external influences such as heat and sunlight.
  2. The curls rise above the scalp and do not lie flat. As a result, they are less supplied with sebum, which makes the hair more elastic.

Due to the curvature of natural curls, the cuticular layer is often broken, so external influences penetrate the hair and damage the hair for a long time. For example, the heat of a hair dryer can cause deep damage.

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Curly hair is often very dry and frizzy. Therefore, a mild, moisturizing shampoo with an anti-frizz effect is very appropriate. Apply conditioner to lengths and ends after every wash. It seals the surface of the hair, giving it shine and elasticity and protects the curls from external influences. Don’t wash your hair too often as this will only dry it out.

Rinse your curls with cold water after using shampoo and conditioner. This closes the top layer of the cuticle and adds more shine to the hair. After washing, it is important not to wipe, but to blot with a cotton towel, as it has a milder effect on the hair. Cotton is better for curls and helps them keep their natural shape.

How to comb curly hair

After washing, dry your hair and comb gently with a comb. Natural curls should not be combed with a brush, as this will confuse the curls even faster. It is best to use a comb with sparse teeth or fingers. To facilitate combing, pre-apply a special spray.

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How to blow dry curly hair?

Blow-drying is essential for styling your hair, but be careful with this as hot air dries your curls even more. Therefore, if you are blow-drying your hair, it is best to use a diffuser at a low airflow and temperature. The nozzle evenly distributes air: this reduces frizz and provides more defined curls. Do not dry your hair completely. Let the remaining damp hair dry on its own. Always use a heat protectant before blow-drying. If possible, allow your hair to air dry naturally.

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Haircuts for curly hair

With curly hair, the right haircut is extremely important, because this is the only way curls can be emphasized. The longer the hair, the more the curls will sag due to gravity. For those who want to showcase voluminous curls, we advise you to choose a shorter haircut. To make curls fit better, it is recommended to make a multi-layered haircut. Women with fine curls can opt for a short haircut or a very layered long haircut. If you have large voluminous curls, you should choose the length of the hair to the chin.

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