Wedding hairstyles 2021: gorgeous ideas for a celebration

Wedding hairstyles 2021: gorgeous ideas for a celebration


On the wedding day, all attention is focused on the newlyweds, especially on the beautiful bride. A flawless hairstyle that highlights the best features will make wedding memories unforgettable. Before choosing a wedding hairstyle, you need to take into account the length, structure of the hair, face shape and complexion and, of course, the bride image. To make it complete, decorate your hairstyle with beautiful accessories, a tiara, real flowers, hairpins.

Wedding hairstyles

Joy-pup editorial team has collected popular wedding hairstyles 2021 which are not too difficult to style and comfortable to wear.

Wedding hairstyle 2021: Bun

A classic bun hairstyle is the perfect solution for any wedding look. It means that your hair is gathered in a knot, which has different variations according to the hairdresser’s skills and imagination. A bun can be placed at different heights, can be straight or curly, have curvy, weightless or sleek styling. Brides with massive features should choose a low position, and slender girls will look good with a high bun. Various hair ornaments, for example, pearl twigs, will be fairly appropriate with such hairstyle. Also leave some curled strands that will beautifully frame facial contours.

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Wedding hairstyles 2021 with tiara

On the wedding day, the bride wants to look as a princess and chooses a wedding hairstyle with a tiara or a crown. The accessory looks beautiful in almost any style, the main thing is to choose the appropriate one that will harmoniously fit into the image. A high or a pointed diadem suits a round face, and a small adornment suits a narrow and elongated one. It can be attached at the top, used as a border in low hairstyles (bun, roll bun) or be styled around the forehead. An elegant tiara which is an alternative to a diadem gives the newlywed an aristocratic vibe. To keep a romantic look, wear nude bridal makeup. You can also decorate a pixie hairstyle with a narrow diadem This solution will suit girls who prefer a stylish wedding jumpsuit to a lush dress.

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Wedding hairstyles 2021 with veil 

Fans of traditions can’t imagine being a bride without a veil. And it’s good, because veils make the most delicate and touching wedding images. The desired style should match the wedding dress, and the hairstyle to the type of veil.

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Hairstyles fitting a particular veil:

  • laconic – classic bun, low ponytail, side braid;
  • complex – styling based on weaving and curls;
  • eye veil, mesh – for short hair or bob haircut.
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Wedding ponytail hairstyles 2021

A playful hairstyle will give the bride a stunning look. Modern trends are a sloppy, waterfall ponytail that can be styled high, low, sideways or in the middle. High position will add a couple of centimeters to your height, which should be noted by petite brides. A voluminous hairstyle doesn’t require a veil; it’s usually replaced with a tiara, satin ribbon or sparkling rhinestone jewelry. The main advantage of this hairstyle is its lightness, and at the same time great durability. You’ll see that it won’t fall to pieces by the end of the celebration or during wedding activities.

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Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2021

Long hair can be gathered in a ponytail, bun, or have more intricate styling. But to demonstrate the spectacular length and cause a lot of admiration, ask the hairdresser to make curls, smooth Hollywood or textured ones. Pin on one side with a gentle comb with Swarovski stones and you’ll get a tender, vintage look. Long hair hairstyle can be supplemented with original braiding, plaits, tresses, wreath, veil, hairpins. The Greek hairstyle is one of the options for a long hair wedding hairstyle which looks elegant and opens the bride’s face.

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Hairstyles for the bride with fresh flowers 2021

Rustic, provence, shabby chic, boho or beach weddings are mostly in the summer and are celebrated outdoors. Floral accessories and decorations help to reach full unity with nature in the image of the newlyweds. Wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers are a great idea for a bride, especially if the celebration is designed in one of these styles. Fresh flowers look great regardless of styling or hair length. They are plaited into braids, attached to curls, used as a decoration for loose hair in the form of a flower wreath. Fresh flowers can also frame a bun or serve to fix individual strands.

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