How to choose seedlings?

How to choose seedlings?


Today, sellers offer buyers seedlings grown in 2 ways – with an open and closed root system. Seedlings with an open root system usually undergo a picking procedure. Ultimately, the picking or picking method of growing does not affect the quality of seedlings.

How to choose seedlings? 1

Inspect carefully seedlings with an open root system. Each variety or hybrid should not just lay out in a heap, but be in a separate box. A fresh root system has slightly splayed developed roots and formed fibrous or bud-shaped young roots.

How to choose seedlings? 2

The soil on the roots of seedlings should be fresh, moist, not wet, easily crumble with grains when shaken. The root system in a dense mash, hanging like a closed bud, is evidence of not fresh seedlings, even if the leaves of the plants seem fresh and do not sag. The roots in the talker should be clearly visible, be without growths, tubercles. The tips of the roots should be white, lively, and not yellowed with rough skin.

How to choose seedlings? 3

It is more practical to buy seedlings of all seedling crops grown in separate containers, tablets, cassettes, pots and cups. Fresh seedlings with a fibrous root system easily take root in a new place, but with a rod, as a rule, they do not.

How to choose seedlings? 4
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