Propagation of tomatoes by cuttings

Propagation of tomatoes by cuttings


Tomatoes are easily propagated by cuttings. For this, the so-called stingy shoots (stepchildren) are suitable, which in any case should be removed. This creates new tomatoes.

Propagation of tomatoes by cuttings 1

Anyone who planted their tomatoes in open ground too early, after late cold weather, may face an unpleasant surprise: young plants are damaged by night frosts and die. At the end of May, it is too late to sow new tomatoes and the choice of varieties in stores is often limited. Solution for obtaining new plants: propagation by cuttings. All you need is a healthy plant and some soil.

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Propagation of tomatoes by cuttings is especially easy. In tomatoes, the so-called stinging shoots are formed in the leaf axes, which should still be removed at least once a week, otherwise they needlessly rob the plant of its strength. The escaped shoots of the seedling do not have to be especially large, the stalk should be cut evenly. Also remove all flowers. It is also best to shorten two or three leaves with secateurs so that the cuttings evaporate less water.

Propagation of tomatoes by cuttings 3

Place the cutting in a pot of soil, lightly press down on the soil and water. Cover the plant and pot with a plastic bag and place in a warm place, such as a windowsill. Remove the bag from time to time and water naturally. After about ten days, the plant can be sent to the garden. If you want to be sure that the tomato will grow, place the cuttings in a root stimulator before planting.

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