How to sow broccoli and cauliflower, step by step instructions

How to sow broccoli and cauliflower, step by step instructions


Broccoli and cauliflower are delicious and nutritious crops to grow in your garden or backyard. But how to sow these plants in order to get a high quality crop? In this article, we will look at step-by-step instructions for sowing broccoli and cauliflower.

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Step 1: Choosing a place and time of sowing

Broccoli and cauliflower love bright light and warm weather, so choose a planting location that has access to sunlight and protection from strong winds. Also make sure that the soil in the selected area is fertile and well drained.

Выбор места и времени посева

The best time to sow broccoli and cauliflower is spring or early summer, when the ground has warmed up and all frost has passed.

Step 2: Soil preparation

Before sowing, it is necessary to prepare the soil. First, remove all weeds and stones from the surface of the earth. Then work the soil with a shovel or cultivator to make it soft and loose.

Add an organic fertilizer, such as manure or compost, to the soil to improve its quality and nutrition.

Подготовка почвы

Step 3: Sowing seeds

Take broccoli or cauliflower seeds and make small holes in the soil about 1-1.5 cm deep. The distance between the holes should be at least 30 cm so that the plants have enough room to grow.

Посев семян

Place the seeds in the holes and cover slightly with soil. Moisten the soil well to provide conditions for seed germination.

Step 4: Plant Care

As the plants begin to sprout, keep an eye on them, remove weeds, and loosen the ground around them. Water the plants regularly, but avoid excessive moisture to prevent root rot.

Also, do not forget about the regular feeding of plants. To do this, you can use organic or mineral fertilizers, following the instructions on the package.

Уход за растениями

When the plants have reached a certain height, you can thin them out, leaving a distance of about 50 cm between them to provide enough space for growth and development.

Step 5: Harvest

Broccoli and cauliflower are ready to be harvested when their heads are the right size. In order not to damage the plants, cut the heads with a sharp knife, leaving the whole stem part. With proper care and full maturation of one plant, you can harvest several crops per season.

Брокколи и цветная капуста готовы к сбору

Broccoli and cauliflower are fairly easy crops to grow. Follow our step by step guide and enjoy your own harvest of tasty and healthy vegetables.

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