Libertex: The Best Forex Broker In The World

Libertex: The Best Forex Broker In The World


Established in 2012, Libertex is a reputable online stock and CFD broker. Since then, millions of users—mostly traders and would-be—have joined. When compared to other brokers, 

Libertex has a lot, including a wide range of markets, a clear and simple platform, support for numerous payment methods, availability in numerous countries, and much more. 

Overall, it is a fantastic broker for investors looking for a reliable platform and an excellent option for those looking to trade CFDs across several industries.

Libertex: The Best Forex Broker In The World 1

Trading Platform

Users get access to Libertex’s distinctive trading platform. It is purely web-based and doesn’t involve downloading anything. The Libertex platform has a user-friendly design and functions effectively in all web browsers.

With quick execution times that might provide consumers with a competitive advantage, the Libertex platform excels in many ways. Libertex has taken the time to design a user-friendly interface, unlike many brokers who rely on pre-existing systems (like cTrader). It’s a website that can be altered to meet the unique needs of the trader.

However, they have integrated Metatrader into their service.

In addition to their own customized platform, clients can use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5), two well-known trading platforms with a wide range of capabilities and features. It is considered the best forex broker in the world.

Unique Features

In addition to being user-friendly, the platform has several distinctive tools, such as:

  • Charts, indicators, and timeframes are crucial for technical market analysis. 
  • Libertex reviews indicate that because it can display information in eight languages, it is excellent for dealers from other nations.
  • Nine distinct timeframes, ranging from one minute to one month, are available for selection. There are 43 indicators available, including eight volatility indicators, 22 trend indicators, and 13 oscillators.
  • You may view real-time quotes for each asset using the Order Management function.
  • Additionally, a favourites list can be modified to contain your most actively traded assets. Managing price variations on routine trades becomes much easier with practice. 
  • You can examine your balance, pending orders, and order history from the same website area.

Fees for Commissions and Spreads

Libertex charges commissions and is a stock and CFD broker. The spread differs between each deal and each asset. On average, commissions for some of the most well-liked currency pairs start at 0.003%.

Spreads are small and begin at 0.1 pips. To find out more about how commission percentages to fluctuate and the factors that affect them, it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions.

Libertex: The Best Forex Broker In The World 2

Customer Support

Both phone and email are available for customer service. Numerous questions are addressed in the FAQ area, and Libertex promises an email response within one business day. Although there is a separate help and support section, having it separate from the FAQ section is not optimal. It would be better if there were a direct route to the finance division.

Promotions and Bonuses

At Libertex, this incentive is accessible for 90 days. A loyalty program is also available to traders, but Libertex does not mention its advantages.

Since these bonuses and promotions are only accessible through the company’s South African affiliate, traders should steer clear of them.

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