Meow! Funny horoscope for cat owners

Meow! Funny horoscope for cat owners


Do you have a cat at home? Then this funny horoscope may come in handy for you! Read on Joy-pup what astrology says about your relationship with cats, how it will work for you and which zodiac sign is not the best choice for a furry?

Meow! Funny horoscope for cat owners 1


People born under the sign of Aries are characterized by leadership qualities, self-confidence and a strong will. They often compete and approach tasks with a sense of excitement. Aries are also known for their impulsiveness, which sometimes leads to hasty decisions and unnecessary risks. When it comes to relationships between Aries and cats, one possible similarity might be their general reputation for being independent and self-sufficient. However, mutual affection often leads to the fact that they cannot stand each other.


The relationship between Taurus and cats is full of admiration and mutual connection. Taurus are known for their love of beauty, comfort and safety – all of which cats appreciate. Fluffy pets feel the usually calm and loving nature of Taurus and offer them loyalty and stability in return. In general, we can say that the relationship between Taurus and cats is based on mutual admiration and understanding.


Both Gemini and cats are often considered to be curious, adaptable, outgoing and playful, so they have a lot of fun living together. However, they also have another face, their darker twin, so sometimes they don’t understand each other at all. Their relationship will be like on a swing, where one week they will love each other, and the next they will hate.


There is an unspoken understanding between people born under the sign of Cancer and cats. Cancer often has many cats. They are well aware of the fidelity and sensitivity of pussies, because they themselves are very sensitive and devoted. Therefore, the connection with this animal is especially pleasant for them. Cats are a source of comfort, companionship and understanding for Cancers.


The relationship between people born under the sign of Leo and cats is quite strong. Leos are considered passionate and courageous in astrology, just like cats are proud and independent. Both Leos and cats value their independence and freedom. In general, Leo and cats have a lot in common, from unwillingness to be tamed to independence. Both also love to be the center of attention. And for this reason, the relationship between them will be excellent.


People born under the sign of Virgo are often seen as practical, attention to detail, often even meticulous. But cats are wayward, love freedom and do not like to obey the rules. Therefore, for most people under the sign of Virgo, the behavior of cats is very difficult, and sometimes even stressful. The cat will simply never follow the rules and behave as expected.

Meow! Funny horoscope for cat owners 2


Libra values justice, balance and harmony. And cats embody these qualities. Although they are independent, they are loyal and full of love when needed. Libra also strives for freedom and independence, but at the same time understands the importance of strong relationships. And cats, although sometimes stubborn and free-spirited, actually try to form a strong bond with their owners.


Because Scorpios are seen as mysterious and emotionally deep, and cats as independent, mysterious, and confident, some people may view these similarities as a possible perfect match. Scorpios will be fascinated by feline looseness, and a peculiar cat will love Scorpio for how sweet and understanding he treats her. Astrology can confidently recommend this relationship.


Relationships between people under the sign of Sagittarius and cats are full of adventure. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good luck and prosperity. This sign is known for its independence, optimism and adventurism, which is very compatible with cats. Cats have a strong sense of curiosity and independence, which complements Sagittarius’ free will. Sagittarians love spending time with cats, forming close bonds with them and enjoying their company. Cats can create a sense of calm and relaxation even in the most chaotic environment, which Sagittarius greatly appreciates.


Relations between people under the sign of Capricorn and a cat are characterized by mutual respect, loyalty and understanding. Both sides value stability, which is why cats, often seen as independent, will find a reliable and trustworthy companion in Capricorn. Serious Capricorn will appreciate the carefree, playful side of cats – both signs balance each other out. This relationship is mutually beneficial, and both cats and Capricorns will benefit from it.


Aquarians tend to be friendly, independent, and full of energy, which can also be found in cats. Aquarians share a love of relaxation as well as a love of toys and imaginative play with their pets. At the same time, Aquarians feel respect for the independent nature of cats and appreciate their desire for solitude. In general, Aquarians and cats have a lot in common, and both of them make great companions.


People born under the sign of Pisces are characterized by creativity, love of discovery and loyalty. They are also very intuitive and have a strong bond with animals. In this way, cats can enjoy the comfort and warmth of Pisces, and Pisces get new experiences associated with the playful nature of cats. Therefore, the connection between Pisces and the cat is usually very strong.

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