Opening a company in Portugal: Benefits of contacting

Opening a company in Portugal: Benefits of contacting


Through us, you can ensure a quick opening a company in Portugal, which will take you no more than 5 minutes. You will completely save yourself from complex bureaucratic procedures and will be able to immediately start your business abroad, open an account for a legal entity, and take your first steps towards obtaining EU citizenship.

Opening a company in Portugal

To register a company through our agency, you do not need to visit various government agencies and tax authorities in Portugal, you no longer have to spend hours waiting for your turn.

All that is required of you is to complete the paperwork and send it to us in a scanned form, fill out an application for registration of a legal entity online, make non-cash payments to pay the necessary commissions and our services, and then wait for the regulatory deadline for obtaining certification, as well as receiving the charter of your new legal entity.

What documents do you need to register a new company in Portugal?

To register your new company in Portugal, you will need the following set of official documents in the scanned form:

  • A scan of a foreign passport – the main page for a full spread, as well as all the marks on crossing the border and the right to stay in Portugal.
  • NIF – taxpayer identification number registered in Portugal. In the absence of this document, you can always order a service from us to obtain it.
  • Receipts for the transfer of 700 euros for the service provided for the registration of a new company.
  • After collecting these documents, you just need to send the scans directly to our email address.

All documents should be easy to read, be of good quality, without blurred areas, with corners, seals, and signatures, as the counterparty will check them and may refuse if his requirements are not met.

Benefits of contacting for company registration

Some potential customers who contacted us for advice prefer to register a company on their own, but they often face a huge amount of difficulties in a foreign country. Contacting us gives the customer the following benefits:

  • Instant verification of the applicant’s identity – no more than 5 minutes.
  • The total duration of the service, as a rule, does not exceed 3-5 business days.
  • For €300 per month, our accountants with 20 years of experience will close your balance sheets for you, so you won’t face any counter-tax audits and other claims from the Portuguese authorities.
  • The €700 fee for our services already includes a mandatory €220 government fee and you won’t have to incur additional costs when registering your new company in Portugal.
  • Taking into account the requirements of the legislation of the EU country, we draw up for our customer both a personal bank account and a corporate one.
  • We assist in the creation of the charter of your legal entity.
  • All documents are drawn up by our lawyers.
  • We issue VAT for the countries of the European Union.
  • For future employees of the company, the necessary social security will be issued, in accordance with state requirements.
  • When closing the balance, an additional 300 euros are paid only 2 weeks after the full registration of the company and the start of operations. Our accounting report, which necessarily includes accounting for income and expenses, as well as payment of salaries to employees, will be drawn up in such a way that you will be subject to minimal taxation, within the law.
  •  If you do not have a legal address, we will be ready to provide you with our own option.

We have been working on the market for these services for more than a year, and thousands of satisfied customers have passed through us, who always leave only positive feedback about us, as we provide the best service at an affordable price in the shortest possible time.

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