10+ best films about epidemics and viruses

10+ best films about epidemics and viruses


Disasters, worldwide infections, the apocalypse are the favorite topics of many directors. If you want to tickle your nerves, you should definitely watch one of the films about epidemics, zombies, mutants, and, of course, heroes who will protect the planet from deadly horror. Joy-pup.com team presents a list of films about epidemics and viruses. We think you’ll like them because of their unusual plot. Look through our collection of top 10 most interesting films about viruses and choose which to watch.

Outbreak, 1995

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Fiction, Action
IMDb Rating: 7.0

Outbreak film
© Shot from the film “Outbreak” (1995)

A deadly virus gets to the United States with a small infected monkey from Africa. Colonel Sam Daniels, together with scientists epidemiologists, flies to the hot zone. But military leaders keep secret that the dangerous virus was created by artificial means and that there’s a serum able to fight it. Every hour counts…

After the Outbreak, 2016

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
IMDb Rating: 7.7

 film After the Outbreak
© Shot from the film “After the Outbreak” (2016)

After the toxic chemicals spill, the zombie apocalypse began. One lucky person survived the first wave of infected people and finds other human beings like him. Now he’s going to join hands with people to stand up to the bloodthirsty cannibals.

Quarantine 2: Terminal, 2010

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Detective
IMDb Rating: 5.1

film Quarantine 2: Terminal
© Shot from the film “Quarantine 2: Terminal” (2010)

During the flight, one of the passengers showed signs of an unexplained infection. Because of his insane behavior, the crew decides on an emergency landing. But, taking into consideration, that there is a virus in the plane, the authorities place all passengers to the quarantine zone which happened to be the arrival terminal. Here passengers begin to get ill…

Terror Inside, 2008

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 3.8

Terror Inside, 2008
© Shot from the film “Terror inside” (2008)

A plague epidemic has spread over Europe. A deadly virus destroys cities, and the symptoms of the disease are terrible. The survivors are trying to escape from the nightmare and find a way out of the situation. But will they succeed?

The Invasion, 2007

Genre: Fiction, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 6.5

film The Invasion
© Shot from the film “The Invasion” (2007)

An alien ship exploded over the planet. Infected particles of that ship fell on Earth and turned people into zombies and madmen. The psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) found the reason for the changes in people’s behavior. Now she has to try and save the world.

Contagion, 2011

Genre: Fiction, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 6.5

the film Contagion
© Shot from the film “Contagion”  (2011)

A deadly virus is spreading around the world. The origin of the infection is not clear. An international organization of doctors starts working to find out the causes of the disease, which can lead to the end of the world.

Resident Evil, 2002

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Action
IMDb Rating: 7.5

Resident Evil,
© Shot from the film “Resident Evil”  (2002)

In an underground laboratory, a dangerous virus breaks free. It turns his victims into zombies that haunt humans. Just one scratch and an ordinary person becomes a mutant. To neutralize the mutants the military sends a special forces group, which includes Alice. She must destroy the source of the epidemic in just a few hours.

Several films about viruses were released in the “Resident Evil” series, with the main character played by Mila Jovovich.

I Am Legend, 2007

Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.8

 film I Am Legend
© Shot from the film “I Am Legend” (2007)

An unknown virus destroyed almost the entire population. The survived people turned into vampires. The only survivor is immune to the disease. At night, he holds back the aggression of the infected, and during the day he tries to find an antidote…

Mom and Dad, 2017

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy
IMDb Rating: 5.5

film Mom and Dad
© Shot from the film “Mom and Dad” (2017)

The Ryan family seems to be perfect. But everything is not so simple, because the daughter is going through a difficult teenage period, and the son constantly hurts the older sister. Parents aren’t doing well either. Adults hear a strange signal on TV and become infected with a dangerous virus. They start attacking their own children.

An excellent actor Nicolas Cage starred in this film about infections and viruses.

Patient Zero, 2018

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Action, Drama
IMDb Rating: 4.6

© Shot from the film “Patient Zero” (2018)
© Shot from the film “Patient Zero” (2018)

A new deadly virus hit the planet. It turned most of the people into bloodthirsty madmen. Morgan is one of those who have immunity. He was bitten once, but he didn’t turn into a mutant. He can also talk to infected people. Now he needs to find the so-called Zero patient, who will help create an antivirus and save people.

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