Top 10 movies about desert islands

Top 10 movies about desert islands


Lost islands and out-of-the-world parts attract many adventure lovers. Therefore, we enjoy watching films about a desert island, which impress by their eventful storylines, interesting twists and the beauty of nature. We would like to remind you of such films and so that you can choose what to watch. made a list of the best desert island movies you will love.

Robinson Crusoë, 2003

Genre: Adventure, Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.4

Robinson Crusoë

This adventure film about uninhabited islands tells an amazing story about a sailor from York, Robinson Crusoe. He has been living for 28 years all alone on the lost lands off the coast of America, near the mouths of the Orinoco River, and managed to survive. A sailor found himself here as a result of a shipwreck, which killed the entire crew, except him.

Outstanding french actor Pierre Richard featured in the film. In addition to this fictional film, you can also watch the 1997 historical film Robinson Crusoe, in which Pierce Brosnan had the stellar role.

Uninhabited, 2010

Genre: Horror, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 4.4


A young couple is going to a deserted coral island to relax. But beloved ones do not even suspect that they will have to face a real ghost. He seeks after retribution …

This film about survival on a desert island will appeal to horror fans.

The Lost Island / L’île, 2011

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Detective, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 3.7

The Lost Island

1942, a military plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. The crew members who managed to survive sail on a boat to a deserted island, sheltered by the jungle. After a while, they find a tunnel through which they fall into another world.

Cold Skin, 2017

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 6.0

Cold Skin

Young meteorological observer Frend takes over a one-year watch at a weather station, which is located on a lost island in the ocean. The lighthouse keeper Grüner lives here with him. The forecaster understands that the light-man is trying to hide something, and the island is not as inhabited as it seems.

Stranded, 2002

Genre: Drama, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 6.5


The beginning of the 19th century. The Robinson family sailed on a ship to Australia but ran into a gale. Passengers had no choice but to rely on the waves and swim at the risk and peril near the Indonesian Ocean. Soon the ship got to the shores of a flowering island. The family found itself in the place of a new life. This is a tropical paradise with residents and pirates appearing on the horizon.

The Blue Lagoon, 1980

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Romance

IMDb Rating: 6.2

The Blue Lagoon

During a shipwreck, a sailor rescues two tiny kids. Together with them, he swims to a beautiful island in the sea, on which there is nothing but jungle. Many years have passed, the sailor grew old and passed away. Matured Emmeline and Richard begin to see each other in a completely new way and create their own small family world on the island, surrounded with love and care.

This adventure film about the sea and uninhabited island was included in our Top best films about brother and sister.

Prey, 2019

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Detective, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 5.2


A troubled teenager will have to participate in the popular “survival program under difficult conditions.” He goes to a desert island, where he must live alone. But soon the young man realizes that there is someone else there.

The Red Turtle / La tortue rouge, 2016

Genre: Fantasy, Cartoon

IMDb Rating: 7.5

The Red Turtle

A lyrical and relatively new animation film about an uninhabited island where a man is trapped. He builds a raft and tries to sail away. But the red turtle thwarts all his attempts to escape.

Cast Away, 2000

Genre: Drama, Romance, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 7.8

Cast Away

Chuck Noland is an employee of the world-famous postal service. He spends all his time at work and doesn’t give attention to family and friends. But soon everything changes. His plane crashes into the ocean. Chuck manages to survive by getting on a tropical island. Here he will spend many years alone fighting for life.

Incredible Tom Hanks featured in this film about the lost island.

A Perfect Getaway, 2009

Genre: Thriller, Detective, Adventure

IMDb Rating: 7.5

A Perfect Getaway,

They are a newly married couple that went on a honeymoon to one of the tropical islands. But their trip to Hawaii only looks like a fairy tale. In fact, the couple will have a close encounter with maniacs who wield on a lost island and can destroy their vacation. So the beloved ones have to fight and win. 

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