Best Christmas cartoons to create a good mood

Best Christmas cartoons to create a good mood


If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, cheer yourself up or take a break from everyday life, start watching cartoons. But only New Year cartoons can create a magical atmosphere. has compiled a list of the best recent cartoons about New Year and Christmas, which will give you a good mood, especially on the eve of the holidays. Read our Top and choose children’s films to watch with the whole family.

Alien Xmas, 2020

IMDb rating: 6,0

Alien Xmas
© Shot from the film «Alien Xmas» (2020)

During the Christmas holidays, aliens arrive on Earth with not really rosy plans. The aliens want to steal the planet’s gravity. Then the little alien resident X and the spirit of Christmas rise against them.

The Grinch, 2018

IMDb rating: 6,3

The Grinch
© Shot from the film «The Grinch» (2018)

The Grinch Monster doesn’t like the inhabitants of his town for constant mockery. He wants to take the change out of everyone, so he decides to arrange the worst Christmas in the world. The villain intends to dress up like Santa Claus and steal all the gifts.

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer, 2018

IMDb rating: 5,0

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer
© Shot from the film «Elliot the Littlest Reindeer» (2018)

Just before Christmas, a place for another reindeer appears in Santa Claus’s sleigh. Little reindeer Elliot goes to the North Pole to try his luck and become a member of the Santa Claus team.

Moomins and the Winter Wonderland, 2017

IMDb rating: 5,8

Муми-тролли и Зимняя сказка
© Shot from the film «Moomins and the Winter Wonderland» (2017)

Tove Jansson’s characters rejoice in the beautiful snowy winter. Moomin must get ready for the visit of the most unusual guest. He calls himself Christmas and is ready to make a real miracle.

Klaus, 2019

IMDb rating: 8,3

© Shot from the film «Klaus» (2019)

The owner of the postal empire wants to teach his lazy son Jesper a thing or two. He sends him to the far North to the city of Smirensburg. There, the guy has to process about 6,000 letters. But upon arriving at the scene, Jesper sees a huge conflict between the family clans. He visits a local hermit named Klaus, who will help him overcome the quarrel.

Frozen II, 2019

IMDb rating: 7,1

Frozen II
© Shot from the film «Frozen 2» (2019)

Elsa, Christoph, Anna, Sven and Olaf will have exciting adventures once again. They will leave the cozy kingdom of Arendelle and head to the North, where they can learn even more ancient legends about their kingdom. They will reveal the secrets of their home country.

Saving Santa, 2013

IMDb rating: 5,7

Saving Santa
© Shot from the film «Saving Santa» (2013)

The villain wants to take possession of Santa’s sleigh. After all, they are magical and can travel in time. But one unlucky elf can put a crimp into his cunning plans and save the New Year.

Holy Night!, 2011

IMDb rating: 6,1

Holy Night!
© Shot from the film «Holy night!» (2011)

The villain has kidnapped the Christmas gifts and baby Jesus. Because of this, the Christmas celebration may be called off. Now brave toys Sam and Sarah will try to find the one who is behind the misdeeds.

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